So never did I think I would ever switch back to Bell from Rogers, but they did give me an amazing deal on cable, internet and a NEW iPhone Xr.  The key factor was I got the phone in red. I also got an iPad which I am giving to my fiance for Christmas. I also bought a wireless charger too so no more plugging and unplugging the phone.

And I was just about to have the battery replaced in my old phone too.

What really sucks though is that now I have to change all my emails to a new email address (including this one).

Up really freaking early today and the clocks went back last night too AND I was up late and wasn’t easy falling asleep.

Ok enough, I need more coffee and a nap later.

cioa xo


But of Course

So thought I made one of those connections with someone, but turns out i didn’t. Of course I feel let down but that’s the story of my life.

Listening to music, drinking coffee and chatting with them know while trying to writing this so maybe doing too much at once. Lost my train of thought.

Been given one more tasks at work which is interesting but not really challenging but gives me something else to do and might be getting another task too. Hopefully it will lead to getting me out of my department and into another higher level one and away from the idiots I work with.

Think I might go tv stand shopping today. I found 2 I lke but should check the measurements to see how much room i would have to make. Then there’s the fact that I would need to move some things around or move them somewhere else.

Crap thought I had more so as usual I may add more later.

ciao xo



So managed to hurt my hand on Saturday. Was trying to nap and rolled over with my hand in an awkward position. Ugh. It’s not as sore today but still weak feeling.

Oh yeah it snowed last night too and I have to drive my daughter to her friends place. At least it’s all main roads so should be cleared off. Just means now I have to call to get my snow tires on.

Now with the weather feeling gloomy, my mood is too.

Well I Didn’t Win

So of course I am not a millionaire this morning. I didn’t even win a free ticket. Maybe tonight I will win something (money I hope and more than just $2).

So have to wake up my daughter soon so she can get ready for the Japanese lessons, She doesn’t like them as the teacher is putting her on the spot. I kinda think she is using her learning disability as a crutch now if there is something she is having a hard time doing. I hope am wrong though.

Even though I stayed in last night I did have some fun talking to one of my friends. Nothing bad or anything, just a different person to talk to. And all this while I did the laundry too.

No freaking idea what was up with the dogs last night.. They were up and whining at 11, 1 and 3 to go out to do their business. I was not impresses and just to be an ass; when I got up this morning I woke them up for no reason.

Kinda found another tattoo I want. It’s the Deathly Halllows from Harry Potter. Its simple, small and I know (or think I do) where I want to put it (on my elbow). I still want the Star Wars one as well as a sword (maybe). The problem now is not money, but making time to get up and go.

Work went well this week surprisingly. I was given a new task which I have seemed to master already: just need to keep doing it. I just hope that someone sees to it that I should be doing this more and maybe move me to that department.

Ok weekly rant is over. Time to wake up daughter and see what the heck is going on today and then find something to do that I will enjoy.

ciao xo


tis the Weekend again…

Well hereit is the weekend again, I was already told where we are going to day and well I am fine with that. I think she said Pet store, home depot  to get light bulbs that work and east to Place d’Orleans shopping center to go to 2 stores; again which I am fine with. Beats staying home. Also means I mightbuy something nice to wear lol I do have to check my lists to see all what I wanted to do and maybe getting help too.

I know I want to declutter more stuff in the basement, cut the lawn (one last time), ..I just checked and while my list does seem long it all quick easty things to do.

I swear I saw a gost in my room this week. He was tall wearing a pin stripped suit. He was looking out the window at something and didn’t bother me at all. I am still not sure i believe in some ghost though.

Ok running out of things to say. Maybe I will update later,things I want to start getting done.

ciao xo


Cancelled Plans

Well my weekend isn’t going quite as planned. First my youngest takes off to her friends house so I don’t get to spend time with her and then my oldest canceller plans for our late thanksgiving dinner. Least I didn’t thaw everything out for it so hopefully it will keep for another time.

So I finally got to the third world bazaar yesterday. Lots of neat things as usual and picked up the dragon pictured above.

Had a headache and my knee was sore but someone wanted to go shopping. I did find a pair of shoes that I will hopefully wear more than the last ones; but time will tell.

So no idea what’s going on today other than the usual grocery shopping. I do want to do something but just not sure what.

Guess I’ll go have more coffee and rest.

Ciao xo


So I actually kinda slept in this morning and woke up at 8. This isn’t including the many times I woke to go to the bathroom or came downstairs from 1030 to 12 telling the dog to shut the fuck up from barking at nothing. Of course no one else heard them bark or could be bothered to wake up and see (like me).

Still have this disappointed feeling that my life isn’t going to the way I thought it should be. I have  good job, but work with idiots that I don’t want to be around. I have a fiance who doesn’t listen to me at times. Example; we are sitting there watching TV and I make a comment or a remark and she doesn’t hear me at all. I feel like I am watching TV alone.

I am getting real tired of eating the foods I am eating. I know if I want to change it I am going to have to do it my self. Sure there is nothing wrong with pre-made meals where you simply open the box and heat it and eat it, but I miss those meals made frm scratch; meat, veggies and a potatoes – yum. That the way I grew up, and the way I like it.

Also tired of sitting here waiting to do things. I shouldn’t have to sit around and wait for her to get up – what i she doesn’t want to do it. I should still do it. I am tired of waiting around to do things she may or may not want to do.

Ok my rant is over for the day and yeah I am sure I will think one up in my head later on too. Least it’s a short week this week and Dumey isn’t at work tomorrow YAY!

Ok guess it’s time to shower, get dressed and be bored until tomorrow.

ciao xo