It`s Only Wednesday…


Yeah I have to admin I have gone from Scrooge a complete asshole. I am at the point where I am just loosing my shit at the drop of a hat; and the worst part is it’s over the littlest things too.

So it’s only Wednesday after the fall-back time change and after fighting the flu last week, I think I am caught up on my rest, I hope lol.

Wonder what’s going to happen this weekend now (its my daughters week with me starting Friday). Wonder what we will be up to and what we can do…

Ciao xo



Just Bits and Pieces

Ok so I had the flu this week and actually took 2 days off work; I can’t remember the last time I did that. I know that I am not 100% yet, but I am better than I have been feeling.

Plans today are to venture to the Rideau Centre. I know exactly why we are going (Simba at the Disney store). I had better look at some games online before we go so can look at the games and a maybe buy one.

Youngest daughter is at her mothers this week which means I get a break, She also mentioned that her mother and her fiancé may be moving but she wasn’t sure where…she thinks Rockland, but could be wrong (means I may get her more? who knows?).

OK off I go to get the laundry and get ready to go (eventually).

See wasn’t too much this week

ciao xo

The Flu

So it seems my lovely daughter gave me her cold. I’m now on day 2 of staying here me sick.  Those who know me know it’s hard for me to stay home sick. No one will do any of my work so when I go back I am going to have a crap load cause my lazy assed coworkers would rather be too busy taking their long 45 and 60 minute breaks. Oh well guess everyone will have to suffer till I get back.

No kisses today as I might be contagious. 




Well not me, or should I say not yet but everyone else seems to be. It’s no fun for them and it’s no fun for me as I watch them suffer and give up the TV to them so I have to watch what they are watching. Oh yeah doesn’t help that Jasper got neutered this week so he’s wearing a cone and crying half the time. I really hope everyone gets better soon so maybe I can rest and not get the flu.
In other news my daughter has decided she wants to live 50-50 with me and my ex; every second week. I am thinking its going to be Friday to Friday – which would make the most sense.
Still loving my new car. My Dads still pissed at me that I bought it (cause he thought I should have bought a Toyota or a Honda. He’s not the one paying for it, so I don’t see what the problem is. I know my mother said he was upset since he bought me tires last February for my birthday, on the same night I was going to ask him about getting a new car.
OK that’s all I have for now I think. Back to coffee and playing nurse for everyone. Ugh.

ciao xo


The weekend part deux

So this is in continuation to my earlier blog. I get to the dealership this morning and the first thing the sale rep tells us is that the car I was interested in was sold last night. But the did have another Cruze; it wasn’t red and it didn’t have a sun roof (neither was a deal breaker). So he brings around the car and its a blue/grey colour. We took a test drive and it was a joy to drive and still going to take a bit to get used to the buttons on the dash. Long story short filled out the paper work and I get the car Tuesday night.


Another weekend, another car.


Hello, hurrah! Its the weekend and in my mind I am already way too busy than I should be. I want to (more like have to) cut the lawn and that will have to wait till the sun comes up. I also want to take the patio table in, but will have to wait till my fiancé is up. One thing that I want to do is go car shopping. I already have a car picked out and well I am stubborn that way. The price is good and the mileage is low I just hope that it’s not going to be a lemon. Its a 2014 Chevy Cruze. A couple of my friends have them an they seems to give the car a good review. Even when I checked online I saw good things and not too many horror stories bout them. Now I just hope I can get it for a better price than advertised and hope I can get them to toss in a set of 4 winter tires. Or maybe its cheaper if I just buy them separately?  hmmm? I know its going to piss my parents off that I am getting a new car, and not listening to them, but I am like 50 years old almost and well should be able to do and buy what I like.
Ok off to get more coffee and do laundry. Check back in tomorrow and see if there’s a new car in my parking spot lol
Ciao xo

Ode to the Hip

Well for those of you that pay attention to the news, Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie past away this week. To some it was a major travesty; even though everyone knew it was coming (in operable brain cancer).  For the past 3 days now (rock) radio stations in Ottawa have been playing all Hip all day. I guess that fine if you are a fan. I admit I do like some of their stuff; but to listen to it all day all the time is just a little to much. This is my opinion so I hope it doesn’t tick anyone or make them ask “Why aren’t I a Hip fan?”. Seriously you can’t question some ones choice in music. I just prefer not to listen to them. Sorry