Winter Blah!


So took the day off as a snow day.  We had something like 40 cm of snow last night. Enough to cancel school buses and close schools. I already shovelled out the back yard so our short dogs can go out and do their business. I also did the front steps and quit when I got tired. I know I will have to go out and shovel out the car at some point, just not in a rush to do it at this time.

I’m still feeling lonely and unappreciated. I hope it’s just the winter blahs. I know that sooner I will just go out on my own cause I am bored.

Well got one of my birthday presents Monday; was the Toronto Blue Jays jersey and I think it looks good on me :). I am expecting the phone case (I asked for) to arrive soon.

So I have been really good with my money. So good I am really impressed with how much I have saved. I know that $800-$900 will be for my car insurance, but  I am sure I can save even more money next month and the month after. I am thinking getting another tattoo, but just have to make time to go and get it. It’s a galaxy tattoo I designed. I still want to play with colours and I am sure it will be great.

OK enough of this. Time for moe coffee and will relax for the day.

ciao xo



Better Early than Never

So yeah, it’s a quiet Friday afternoon at work sop thought I would write something in case I don’t have time this weekend.

Pretty sure most important people have forgotten that my birthday is this week. Only my mother has asked me anything about it. I don’t expect my daughters to say anything either.  I am not going to remind them either I’ll just wait and see what happens.It’s next Thursday if YOU want to wish me a Happy Birthday.

I don’t really know what I want either. Sure I want my knees to feel better and I would love to go out on my own without feeling like I am doing something bad. I guess that’s what happens when you have too many female friends.

Note to self: include more pictures in posts lol

Ok I guess I am not in the mood to write today but at least this is something I guess

Ciao xo

So glad it’s over for another year

As I’ve probably said before I hate my birthday and to no ones surprise this one sucked too. Almost every one who mattered forgot it was my birthday. So that means I get grift cards. Not even good ones. I got a Walmart one. I also got a chapters and a restaurant one too; at least I know I’ll be able to use those eventually. So glad I bought my own gifts. Lol

So get home last night. Fall on the ice. And every time I spoke to my fiancé she didn’t hear me. I got tired of repeating myself and decided if I’m going to be ignored I’d rather just go to bed.

Hope I find something fun to do today.

Ciao xo

My Week from Hell

So yeah I had a terrible week. The weather at the start of the week was like -40 celsius with the wind.  on lunch monday I had went to Tim Horton’s; which is right next door to my work. When I was coming back, I couldn’t get any traction on my shoes (boots were under my desk) and my gloves were in my pocket. I ended up walking to another door half way around the building, by them my hands were freezing and both my pinkies felt numb until Thursday.

Skip Tuesday, but on Wednesday it warmed up enough for Ottawa to get freezing rain in the afternoon. Mean that buses were crowded and running late. I decided to chance it and take 2 buses home. When I go to the stop to change buses I was almost pushed out of the bus and did fall, then I had to wait for another hour for a bus to show up.

Thursday morning everything is icy and I left to go to work. i get to the end of my path and slip a little, but didn’t fall. Ten feet further and boom! I am on my ass. I said screw this and stayed home.  Later in the day I cleaned the 20 cm+ of snow off my car only to find it stuck because of ice UGH. I did get it out friday night.

But Friday morning going to work everything was fine on the roadway until i got halfway to the bus stop via the sidewalk. It was like a thin layer of snow covering ice. I tried to walk like a penguin but fell again. Since I was only across the street from the bu stop I decided to go work anyways. Even though I didn’t fall on my knees, the right one (which is the one I broke if you been following me for a while).  I think its more the muscle though. Maybe I should give up walking and/or get used to the fact that I NEED a cane now.

So at 5 today I go to get my 9th tattoo. I am kinda excited and hope it turns out good (based on my idea – the guy wanted to do more detail). This is the same artist who done my ravens and said I wouldn’t go back to a he had no “personality” (he just worked and didn’t talk). But technically he is good. I won the one hour session just before Christmas and finally getting around to getting it done.

Looks like my alone time has been cancelled as someone elses plans have been cancelled now.  I bet she will reschedule when I have my daughter and won’t go out. Oh well.

OK that s it hope the rest of my week if good.

Ciao xo

Hell Hath Frozen Over

So yeah its cold outside this weekend, and with the wind it’s in the -30’s. I guess we should have gotten our groceries yesterday when it was only cold, cause last night there was up to 20 cm of snow as well.

My video stream for my movies isn’t work as it should have, so I spent 45 minutes trying to get it to work and to decided there was nothing I wanted to watch. I will look again once I am done this and if I can’t find anything there’s always the xbox.

So on of the idiots at my work is gone. Might only be for 2 months but I hope it’s longer. He was a slacker and hardly worked. He was too busy socializing, talking to his mother or boy friend on the phone and doing his knitting club – anything to do besides work. I really hope I never see him again. So far his replacement (an oriental lady) seems to be doing ok. She is a bit quiet so I have to pay attention when she asks questions.

So one week from now I will have my 9th tattoo. Its going to be a Star Wars one with the Death Star and a couple of tie fighters. I hope it comes out as I hope it does. ALready know what I want for my 10th and maybe 11th tattoos. The Deathly Hallows and a sword. Time will tell as I could change my mind at any time (oh yeah there’s also another tattoo I might get too lol).

Might also have a friend date (date with the opposite sex as friends with no romantic intentions involved).

Guess that’s all I have to say this week. Time to have more coffee, bundle up and shovel some snow (yuck!).

ciao xo

**Oh almost forgot its like just over 2 weeks until my birthday and no one has asks what I want yet, or where I want to go to eat. 😦


Another Week Done

So I survived another week without going batshit crazy on anyone. Just went to the kitchen to get another coffee and noticed that the front door was unlocked and not fully closed. No wonder why it was so chilly when I first came down stairs, I cannot say who was the last person in the house so I won’t point fingers lest it be my own fault.

So one of my friends told me something this week which was sort of surprising, She said the reason she started talking to me was cause she thought I was single. I was kinda flattered but when I really think about it, I am not attracted to her all.  We have very little in common and she doesn’t like pickles or mustard (no, not deal breakers) and I am not physically attracted to her.

So this week another coworker is leaving (YAY) and hopefully the new person is willing to work all day and not socialize half the time. I am also hoping they hire a second person to lessen part of my work load. Sorry, but I am tired from doing clearing (which is basically picking up files and putting them away.

Bitterly cold here this weekend, but still hope I can get out and do something. Last weekend without my daughter I was bored to death almost. There is no place I really need to go or anyting that I want to do. Hopefully I will surprise myself doing someting.

Ok wow started coughing and almost spit a mouthload of coffeeon my computer (which I didn’t). You know you live a boring liife when you include that in your blog.

Ok guess I had better go and see if there is anything I want to do around here before someone wakes up; even though I am sure it won’t be for 3-4 more hours.

**UPDATE so we did go shopping and I bought a new winter jacket. Was from Roots and on sale for $249.99. It looks good and feels warm. I guess now I need new winter boots since the ones I have are hard to put on and take off.

Ciao for now xo

2019 Begins

Well managed to survive my first week back to work. It wasn’t that bad although I do have a couch and feel beaten up physically. My leg muscles are sore and it’s either one leg or the other, Thankfully its never really both at the same time. I am suppose to go shopping with m daughter and her friend today at Bayshore, and for some reason that mall always does a number on my legs. At least she will be off on her own with her friend so I really don’t need to keep up and can do my own thing, Not sure if my fiance is coming or not. I am kinda hoping not, so maybe I can tell a friend I am there and she will show up lol

I a still trying to lose this loneliness feeling I have. I am sure the season has something to do with it and that I am always affected by S.A.D. I haven’t been suffering from it as much the for a while, so maybe it was over due to hit me big time.

I don’t have much to complain about this time and hopefully I can cut down on my rants and try to be more positive – but at the same time not going to hold my breath. I am quite sure that I am and can be an asshole to others at times so maybe it’s me, not them.

OK going to go get more coffee and slowly get ready as I have 5 hours at least before I have to go get my daughter.

ciao xo