It’s over

Well at least it wasn’t the worst birthday, but was definitely top 5. At least I wasn’t forced to go to my sisters wedding or to a funeral.

I know I didn’t didn’t want to do anything due to the crappy weather and my leg being in a brace. But still someone could have made me supper or done the dishes.

I will celebrate (with my girls) when I’m ready, and hopefully sooner

I go back to the hospital this Friday (tomorrow) and the only question I have is HOW MUCH LONGER will I have to miss work. Not to much to ask.

I did miss a few people wishing me happy birthday though 😢 oh well, guess I know how much I mean to them.

OK that’s it for now xo


Not in the Mood

Good morning,

Guess what day it is today?

If you said my birthday, you would be correct.

But I just don’t feel it. With everything that’s been going on recently, I just don’t want to do it. Sure I appreciate the birthday wishes, and yeah I seriously considered deleting my profile for 24 hours; but I’m sure that would make me feel bad. There are a few people that I am hoping wish me a happy birthday- but not holding my breathe.

My youngest just left for school and guess she forgot 😟

There’s nothing I want for my birthday except for my knee to get better and go back to work (seriously). Oh yeah and drive my car.

Ok that’s it for now. Need another cup of coffee and maybe go back to bed lol

Ciao xo

Ugh: Just a Rant


Well its a wintery type of day here with light snow covering all the branches on the trees in the back; kinda pretty if you’re into that type of shit. I’m going on to my 8th week homebound and am getting a little stir crazy. I think I may have dome something to my knee when I fell last week (of course my own impatience and stupidity). I think its just I minor pull (I hope).  My physiotherapy seems to be help or was till I feel, but I am sure I will get back up to speed soon. I go back to the hospital on February 9th, hopefully I can leave without the brace forever; or until I hurt my leg again lol. The only real question I have is when can I expect to return to work and more importantly (to me) is when can I drive again (that just means I will be healthy).

Oh crap my birthday is coming up soon too. I’m not looking forward to it, and I don’t really feel like celebrating. As for gift no clue what I want either and still have about $120 in gift cards, $40 in lotto winnings and a $140 credit on my credit card all from Christmas. One thing that I saw that I wanted was a watch which of course is not available and the website isn’t sure when it will be available either – so that sucks. The only other watches I like are around $300-$700 so NOT going to be getting one of those for myself or ask for one.

More news is that my fiancé is out of the hospital this weekend, and tomorrow we go in to the hospital to see her doctor and she is expected to be discharged at that time. Sure living with depression is hard, but living with someone who has depression is hard too; especially when you’re not able to do anything to help due to physical limitations.

Ok guess that’s off my chest for now, guess I’ll try and make some noise to wake her up since the past 2 nights her snoring has woken me up. But waking up early is normal starting again this week as I will have my daughter with me again this week.

Ciao for now xo

Quick Rant

It doesn’t really feel like February; at least to me it doesn’t. I know I’ve been stuck at home almost the past 2 months and my fiancé being in the hospital doesn’t help matters. Trips to the grocery store or hospital seem to be my only outings. Cooking for one sucks too, and its worse if I have to make meals for my picky daughter since I have no idea what to make.
Of course none of my friends knows she is in there, so they are assuming that she’s looking after me. But is reality I am doing it all alone. Kinda sucks that I am going 24 hours or more without talking to ANYONE and I don’t count yelling at he dogs as talking. I am bored, lonely and frustrated.
Guess who is NOT celebrating  a birthday next week.


Shopping for????

So since I’ve been temporarily handicapped with my knee I’ve not been able to go anywhere and my gift cards have piled up. I have like 35 for Tim Hortons, 25 for lotto tickets 100 in credit card gift cards plus another 29 that my daughter gave me too. And just to top is off I have a 140 credit (cash back) on my credit card. I don’t know what to buy thought. I wanted to buy a watch, but it’s not available and they don’t know if or when it will be available again. Ugh. Sadly my birthday is coming up soon too. I hope I don’t get more cards lol

The Weekend again

You know I had a whole blog written out in my mind the other night. But now that I sit down to write it, I can’t remember most.

I guess 2017 ended badly for me and 2018 had an even worse start. But that means only one thing – it can only get better.

So I started my physiotherapy this week and bought more vitamins (men’s one a day and magnesium to go along with the vitamin D). I have them right next to the coffee machine so I will remember to take them. I also have to remember to do my stretches; but at least I am allowed to do the stretches in bed.

So my fiancé gets a day pass tonight from the psych ward and gets to stay with me. It’s going to be a tough week for me as I will be all alone.

Oh sadly my OnStar trial runs out before I even get to use it 😟. Maybe I should call and see if they can postpone it until I’m better.

Just a few notes. I really want to go shopping but it’s really difficult wearing my brace. I forgot to buy my lotto tickets again – would be nice to win a few million so I wouldn’t have to go back to work: ever lol. I still get impatient not able to do things but eventually I will.

Guess I should finish my coffee, do my stretches and see if I can do some laundry.

Ciao xo


Just waiting here to go the hospital. It’s been 6 weeks since I fractured my knee, and was told that I didn’t need an operation. Still worried and stressed that they will change their mind. Ugh.

Now if the brave does get removed. How much Physiotherapy will I need. When will I be able to drive again

Wish me luck.

Ciao xo