Loss for Words

Yeah so when I say I am at a loss for words, it usually means I have a lot to say. Seems like as in a previous chapter of my life, I am left at home to do almost everything, while others are out and about doing what they wish.  Sadly it seems that I am forgetting who I am and how to have fun with my life. I been meaning to go to the GAP for the past month, but so far haven’t even made it to the mall. I been to the parking lot once. but that’s as close as I have come.
I wonder who is paying for groceries tomorrow? I paid the last 3 times. Maybe its cause Gwyn is here now. Which reminds me I do have to ask the ex for support payments and baby bonus she may receive.
Had a dream the other night I didn’t want it to end and wonder who the lady in my dream was. So many things in the dreams seems so real and recognized most of the places. Maybe it was just a dream though and won’t happen.
Oh well off to get my oldest soon and I am going to let her drive part of the way home…so if you don’t hear from me again, I love you all lol

ciao xo

Saturday July 14

I think I need to procrastinate a little longer before I write today. Maybe do one or 2 more Facebook quizzes about what type of vegetable I am lol

So yeah we have had our new puppy Jasper for 2 weeks now and things are going good so far. He’s either playing, sleeping or pooping. At least Penny is getting along with him; even though it sounds like they are going to kill each other when they are playing.

And as well Gwyn moved in just after that and things are going good so far. I am sure her grandmother has spoiled her and has done just about everything for her. Now it’s up to me to teach her how to do things – like making basic meals to feed herself and of course clean up after her self too.

Too much I want to do this weekend and all I am missing is the motivation to do it. Moving a few things around, putting up posters (properly), a trip to Ikea and groceries. Then there is of course what I want to do like go to the Gap and/or maybe Winners. Of course our “stuff to give to Value Village box” loos like its getting full.

Oh well back to procrastinating a while longer as its way to early to do most of the things I want to do.

ciao xo


Now the Fun Begins

So yeah, my youngest has moved in with me now. Full time. I am really happy about it, but at the same time I am freaking out and having anxiety about the whole thing. I have to give her rules and I expect her to follow them and if not at least ask me a lot of questions about what to do.
I have another shopping list with things that she needs for her room. She still has a bunch of stuff she should go through and get rid of.  Well maybe not get rid of-rid of, but put them away in the basement since she’s not using or playing with them.

One of my friends asked me the other night “What’s making me so miserable”. I wasn’t expecting that but knew the answer. I guess in the past while I have lost myself and am doing so much for everyone else, I have no time to myself to do what I want to do. I guess its something I need to work on and soon since I am now in a family of 3 with a dog and puppy. Yikes!.

Well going to go enjoy the quiet while everyone naps or is still in bed,
Hopefully I’ll do something memorable today that will make me smile when I think back about it.

ciao xo

This is Jasper :)

Well I said I would post a picture of him as soon as possible and this is him.

Getting that anxious feeling recently, almost like something is wrong – but I don’t know what.

I think I deleted my pic on the previous post.

I’ll be back this weekend to bitch some more, until then

ciao xo

Oh Well

So yesterday didn’t quite go as planned. Puppy delivery was delayed until today round 2-3ish but that’s originally what the ad had said, so you can’t really complain too much. Just that extra day would have been nice. I did manage to go to Ikea and pick up the table I wanted.
Ugh France is sick. I can hear her throwing up, upstairs in the bathroom – which is the reason why I am up. I hope she feels better soon.
Today is Canada day and we have no plans to go anywhere near downtown. Just way too many people and I am not a fan of crowds.
Looks like I better get a move on looking for the reel mower for the back yard – its a jungle back there. It would also help watching the puppy too lol

OK that’s all I had on my mind today so far

Happy Canada 150

ciao xo

Furniture and Fur Babies


Well we finally got a hutch to match the dining set. Only set me back $380 this time (that’s with delivery so that’s not too bad. I am happy with it and France is happy with it, so that’s all that matters.

I think she enjoys spending my money cause after buying this last weekend we’re getting a (another) puppy!!! This time its a male miniature dachshund just a day under 8 weeks old.  I don’t know why I didn’t lead with that story cause its even bigger news than some furniture stuff. The hardest past will be getting used to puppy training (again) and the fun stuff is trying to come up with a name for him. I like the name Jasper, and France came up with Spencer, and most likely we’ll come up with more names before we decide on one. Of course we will both have to agree on it.

Yes I will post pic of them most likely this weekend. If not here then definitely of my Facebook. Ok off to have coffee and/or try to get back to sleep.

ciao xo



I Really Thought We Had Pop-tarts

So my daughter has still decided that she’s moving in with us after Canada Day (July 1 in case you didn’t know). There is still so much I need to do and of course no one to help me. Of course she isn’t doing much to help either. I need to move a dresser up from the basement (2 floors) but before I do that I have to empty the drawers and move a TV and 3 old gaming consoles (Nintendo, Super Nintendo and an Xbox) that are hooked up on top of it. And of course I have to make room in her bedroom. I just wish she would get rid of some of her toys though so there would be more room.

She’s here this weekend and already I am telling her not to take control of the living room TV with the Xbox. There’s 3 people living here, and we can only handle so much GTA 5. I should start playing one of the other games I bought….Batman or that Mordor one and make her watch me play for a couple hours lol

I hope we are not stuck inside all weekend, I want to go out and do something since I hardly go anywhere during the week, I googled the symptoms my lower body is having and if I were a doctor, it sounds like I have Sciatica. Some days it’s better than others. For example; the other day I half jogged to my car after dropping my daughter off.  I know for some it’s not a big deal but for me it was. Mind you right this moment I stagger like a zombie to and from the kitchen like a humped backed henchman lol.

I want to buy something just don’t know what. I know I should drop off a box of stuff I have for Value village, and maybe I can convince my fiancé to et rid of a ox of her fathers stuff. I know I don’t want to go to work Monday feeling disappointed cause I didn’t feel like I did anything; guess we’ll answer that Sunday night.

OK enough of this rambling, time to make more coffee and see what I can do until everyone wakes up.

Still wondering who read all my posts here and didn’t even say hello 😦

OK ciao for now xo