I Guess I Better Watch What I Say…

So I added my coworker on Facebook. She used to be my indirect supervisor but now she’s not. We get along well and have a lot of mutual interests. I would date her if I and her were both single. No I will never share this link with her lol

Wasn’t a good week for my body. I was throwing up sick Thursday night and last night after supper I was diarrhea sick. Both times no one asked if I was alright. Sucks>

So one of my supervisors thinks I am not doing my job correctly. WTF?? Well we will see when we have  a meeting this week. You can’t say I am doing my job wrong after 6 years and no one has told me anything. I really hope the union rep comes to the meeting.

Going back to my coworker. She is a writer too and she’s doing a story about a big blue cat and a moose. One time she has used an idea I gave her about the problem with moose antlers; and now last night she took part of our conversation and used that. I guess I am flattered that I am being plagerized.

Suppose to be doing something this weekend but with the weather who knows. It will really suck if someone doesn’t follow up on their promise to me.

So bought 2 writer prompt books from Chapters one 300 and the other 500. I hope I can finish them both. I hope they inspire me to write something other than blogging here all the time (no offence).

OK back to caffinate and do my daughters laundry.

Hope I have a good weekend.

ciao xo



Yahoo,  oh joy, it’s the weekend again. I hope you can read my sarcasm. I wonder how I will be annoyed this weekend.

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to plant the garden and get the patio table upstairs and outside. Also means a few trips up the stairs carrying chairs; my poor legs/knees. I just hope I can do something that I will enjoy. Something to write about.

Had another weird dream last night. One of m ex’s was in it and of course it seemed real. Weird part was it was Christmas time in the dream and one of the people in the dream isn’t 2 ( I think they are 7 now). Of course there was a kiss and a hug and sadly of course I woke up.

Guess I thought I had more to write than I wrote and I am sure I’ll think of something later that I should have put in here, maybe I will add it later or save it till next time.

ciao xo

A Star Shines in the Hour of our Meeting.

Well that’s a pisser.i wrote a long post and then somehow deleted it all with a click – fuck!  I guess I will try to repost everything again from memory.


So the title is something my coworker wrote on my white board in elvish (tengwar). It’s an elvish greeting from Lord of the Rings. I think it could be considered a flirt, but she’s married so I doubt it. Although she did send me an unusual message on Facebook yesterday, more or less telling me about her day.  I guess if I chat with her again over the weekend I guess I will see what sort of vibe I pick up.

Too much to do this weekend on of course I doubt anyone is going to help me. I guess I will start with what I usually do and the see what she’s not going to do around here.I really hope she doesn’t use the “I worked all week” excuse cause I did too.

I have to ask my daughter that when she buys her cosplay costumes, she buy ones in North America or that offer free returns. I don’t mind buying them but when the cost to return it is $22 (to China), that’s a bit much.

My other daughter and her boyfriend are moving today and I guess I will go help and take a few boxes in my day to help her out. I don’t know how much good otherwise as my thighs are already sore and I haven’t done anything yet today.

I think I said everything without deleting it all so going to quit while I’m ahead. Guess I will go start some laundry and get dressed so I can do stuff later.

ciao xo

Furniture and stuff :/

So this weekend it seems the furniture we ordered is coming in. Today is the matching chair to the sofa in the living room (replacing my Ikea chair which was super comfy but everyone sat on it and flattened the cushion). And tomorrow the dresser for the bedroom set we bought a while back and that piece was backordered. Lucky for me my daughters friend came over last night and helped me move it downstairs and out to the garbage. (good riddance).

Of course I was up early again this morning and retired my Ikea chair to the basement. I also brought up a bucket chair (that I am going to get rid of later). I think this is the oldest piece of furniture that I own (owned with my daughters mother) so 22+ years old.

So earlier this week I had the weirdest dream about my coworker. This is one that I actually get along with and like. Maybe a crush but she’s married and lives way on the other side of town. Basically in the dream we kissed and it just seems real and maybe almost right. But then it was just a dream. Of course I felt awkward when I spoke the her after that…what if she had the same dream too lol.

For some reason the house smells of dog. I know one had an accident on the floor last night and Penny was barfing around supper time – I hope they are alight and it’s nothing serious.

So after or before the chair comes I have to pick up my daughters friend and I would like to go to the store for a few things that I need and want. I should make a list and hope to do that right after I post this.

Ok that’s it for now

ciao xo

Thank God for Dreams.

Sometimes I think my dreams are the best part of my day..when I have and remember them.  They are even better when they seem real too. Last nights sarted of a little x-rated so won’t go into details here, but they were still a bit weird. Of course after that I was shopping for cat food (I don’t have a cat). I ran into my ex and went to try and visit someone who wasn’t there. Of course in the end my car went missing but we found out where it was right before I woke up. One of the first things I did when I woke up was peek out the window to see if it was there and of course it was.

Some dreams I know where they cam from; a conversation earlier, something I watched early, etc. These ones no idea, just random things that just made my dream enjoyable.  of course unless I day-dream there is no way I can get back into my dreams and continue them to see how the rest end of if they come straight out and tell me what they were really about.

So it’s a long weekend and while I do have a to do list written out, I really hope I don’t have to do them all by myself. We’re suppose to go to a huge garage sale Sunday but there in an 80% of rain. Rain seems all we are getting weather wise. Yuck.

I still think i should write note here like little comments almost like a preview for my readers (hahahahahaha) so I can expand on them on the weekend.

Try to get to get to 300 words as usual. My tattoo is healing nicely and already starting plan my 11th one. Sword of Griffindor, a galaxy  who knows besides me lol

OK guess its time to start doing something productive.

ciao xo


Comicon review…

So went to comicon alone yesterday. Well my daughter was with me for the first 20 minutes before she took off to hang with her friends,  I asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to hang out, but unless I paid for them I got no replies.

The costumes there were great. Of course some put more of an effort into it than others. I didn’t dress up – unless you count wearing a game of thrones t-shirt. I doubt I would unless I was with someone who dresses up too.

Sucked to see couples there who were BOTH INTERESTED in what was going on. Yeah that was a slight at someone. I came back home and she still wasn’t even dressed or did seet fuck all. UGH!! Lazy assed bitch!

Oh I did get a tattoo yesterday at comicon. I got the Deathly Hallows tattoo which I wanted and the tattoo artist was even able to modify parts of it to make me even happier. Now I can start thinking/planning for tattoo #11.

Usuali shit today, Take daughter to comicon again and pick her up later (I don’t think my knees can handle it 2 days in a row). Have to get groceries some time while she is gone and hopefully do something fun for me that I want to do.

ok better go get something to eat..or maybe wait and treat myself to brunch later bwahaha.

ciao xoo

Comicon Weekend

Another week has come and gone and not much has changed. Still aggravated by some people and invisible by others. I turned into an asshole at work only so my coworkers and management would listen to me. I think it worked and yeah felt kinda good too. Maybe I should do the same at home when no one listens.

So today I am going to my second Comicon at the EY Centre in Ottawa. My daughter i going too of course and I just know she will blow through the money she has. I brought way more money than needed. I hope I don’t come home with only another t-shirt again.

What I should do (but probably won’t) is talk to the independent writers that are there and maybe get some helpful hints from them. I just don’t know what to ask that I may not already know. Just write is one thing I should do. I just wish I had a fresh story idea to get excited about. hmm.

Of course this is shorter than I had planned but that s life. I thought it would be 300 words but it’s not even 200 ugh.

ciao xo