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Chapter 10- Mach 10

“Go!” I cried out.

Looking back I saw the four beginning to follow us, their bodies leaning over the gas tanks urging the motorcycles onward and forward in pursuit. I was never into motorcycles so I don’t know what kind they were, but they looked fast.

“What’s going on?” Robin asked; both hands on the wheel, and accelerating.

“Those are the guys from the warehouse, or at least four just like them”

“Well, do what you did before and use that ‘blast’ thing on them!”

“I would, but no idea how I did it” I turned around in the seat and started making gestures at them; a pushing motion, a side to side wave, you name it I tried it to no avail. I finally flipped them the bird before turning around in the seat. Oh, that didn’t work either.

I pulled the book out from under me, since I had just sat on it. Now on the page is said “Turn left!”

“Turn left” I shouted at Robin,  she yanked on the week and the car screeched left at the intersection; horn blaring as other vehicles had slammed on their breaks to avoid slamming into us.

“right and right again” was written on the page. I relayed the instructions to Robin; who in turn, pushed her car to two sudden right turns. Pedestrians screamed at her as she almost ran a few of them over.

“I’m sure the book didn’t say to kill anyone” I shouted at her

“I am sure it didn’t say not too” was her reply

Looking back again, I could only see 3 of the riders behind us. I wonder where the other one was.

Have you ever seen those car chases in the movies, where there is a lot of high speeds, screeching of tines and a lot of close calls; well this was turning into one of those including the token requirements of knocking over a fruit stand, hitting a pile of empty cardboard boxes and driving through a pan of glass two constructions workers we carrying across the road.

Somehow along the way, we had lost the 3 riders. One succumbed to a flying watermelon from the fruit stand, one to a cardboard box and the third when a shard of glass cut his tire. Unlike the movies though, there were no fiery crashes or explosions.

Looking back at the book “you are safe” was now written on the page.

I pointed to an alley “Pull in there” I said “ the book says we’re safe”

Once we stopped Robin got out and inspected the car for damage. “Oh my poor baby” she spoke to her car as she picked out mashed cucumbers from the grill.  Surprisingly there was no other damage to the car.

I leaned on the car and flipped through the pages of the book. There was nothing else written. Occasionally I thought I saw something, but when I flipped back it was no longer there. I had even tried looking at the page from different angles too, but alas zip, nadda, zilch.

Suddenly, a motorcycle turned into the alley towards us. This may have been the lost rider who was chasing us. Disembarking from the bike the rider removed his helmet; it was the Asian man.

“My friend we meet so soon again” He slightly bowed towards me and gave Robin a nod and a smile acknowledging her presence. “Circumstances have presently changed and we no longer have the leisure of time”

“I still don’t understand what this about; what this book is about”

“There is a lot of history in that book. I believe the witch Gaji informed you partial amounts of that information”


“Yes, witch”  The Asian paused for a moment “The book is magic and hold dark secrets long forgotten.”

“So why does she want the book?, and who are you anyways? You were at the warehouse, then the next thing you’re here talking about the book. Why do you want the book? ” Robin finally piped up.

“My name is Fu” placing his hands together he again bowed to us “I am a Magi, and representative in the Americas. I have been in the Americas for 75 years searching for this book, not to have it but to destroy it. There are those who wish to use the book for their own power”

“And how do I know that’s true?” I asked “How do I know that you don’t want the book for your own agenda?”

“You don’t.” Fu replied in a solemn manner “there is no way I can prove it either, unfortunately”

Robin decided to put her 2 cents in “So what’s the deal with the book anyways, what’s so special about it”

Fu smiled at Robin and them myself. “A back alley is not a place to have this conversation. Meet me tonight at Leopole’s, tea palace; 11 pm sharp,  and I will tell you everything. Do not tell anyone you are meeting and above all keep the book safe”

With that he turned, mounted his motorcycle and rode down the alley. As he turned onto the street we saw the others from I guess what was his biker brigade follow him.

Robin looked at me “Are you really going to go? You don’t know what you’re walking into”

I know” I replied getting into the car and looking at the book “I know”.

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