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Chapter 9- Neener, Neener, Niner

I was not sure what time it was when I left the building, being knocked out and awaking in a room with no windows – you have a habit of losing track of time. It was starting to get dark so I am assuming I was in there for a couple hours. I wondered if Robin would still be waiting for me. 

As I walked I kept looking back over my shoulder to ensure no one or nothing was following me; golems or otherwise. I was still shocked with what happened; it was like I had no control over what I was doing. And that Asian guy, well for someone who said they wanted the book sure didn’t put up a fight or anything.  I don’t even know what I did to those henchmen…Did I just sent them flying on their butts? Did I kill them? Whatever it was, the thought crossed my mind and I wondered if I could do it again? As I walked I pointed at cans and other litter on the ground trying to move them, but with no luck. I thought I had accomplished it at one point, but it was only the wind blowing a wrapper around. 

It was a couple blocks more before I spied Robin’s parked on the street. It was basically where I had told her to meet me

She had obviously made herself comfortable waiting; she had her shoes off and was sitting crossed legged in the driver’s seat reading a magazine with a paper coffee cup in the cup holder and donut wrappers covering the front seat.  She

obviously hadn’t seen me coming, cause when I rapped on the window and she screamed and literally jumped in her seat. 

Unlocking the door, she burst out  “Fool! Don’t do that to me, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” 

Robins scorn then suddenly turned to concern  “Are you alright? You’ve been in there for hours.”  

“Yeah, I was kinda a captive audience with Gaji” I quickly explained what had happened, I wasn’t really sure if she would believe, as I still couldn’t believe it myself.  Robin listened intently as I recalled what had happened.  I was kinda surprised that she seemed to believe the golem and what happened with the Asian man; I am not sure I would have believed it if it were told to me. 

“So what are you going to do?” Robins asked quizzically 

“I think I need to go see Doc R and ask him. He seemed to be familiar with the book, and obviously knows about this kinda stuff… I really don’t know what it is and if anyone does I am sure it would be him.” 

“Maybe you should write in the book again? Maybe you can speak with Gaji as you did last time?” Robin did have good ideas at times. 

“Yeah, I am sure that will help”

 We began pulling out ready for our cross town drive back to Shadowlands again. I had put Robins bag in the back seat then remembered  “Oh, a Colleen? called when I was in there; something about pedicures or something…I was a little busy when she called, maybe she called again after I turned off the phone” 

“Oh, so that’s where my phone was. I thought I lost it”  

I reached into the back and pulled her phone from her bag and turned it on for her. I made sure I kept the phone in my hands and out of hers as she drove…for safety sake.

 Glancing over she noticed the voice mail indicator was flashing. “oh messages” she beamed “6453 is my password” . I entered the number and hit the speakerphone button, knowing fully well that Robin didn’t mind me listening to her messages. She would play them to me at times even when I didn’t want to hear them. 

“You have 3 new voice messages, 1 saved message” came from the speakerphone. 

In a deep baritone voice  “Have you heard the good word?…” boomed from the speaker. Knowing fully well it was a message from the Jehovah witnesses or something,  I punched the delete message button, and it vanished into voicemail purgatory. 

The second message was another message from Colleens “Hello? Hello? Are you there? I guess we got disconnected …We so need to go for pedies and a girls night soon, I have so much to tell you…remember that guy I was dating, well, he turned out to total shmuck. Well I will tell you all about it later…gimme a call doll, ciao” 

Robins face suddenly grinned ear to ear “She is so perfect for you!” she turns and gave me a funny look “I can’t believe she’s single again wow, that’s so great for you” She pauses for a moment as she suddenly zigs and zags in and out of traffic “You do know what they say about red heads, don’t you They are insatiable” She giggles to herself for a moment as again I held on for dear life. 

I am sure she had forgotten everything I just told her. Maybe this was her way of dealing with it? 

“You know” she began in a hushed voice “I haven’t told anyone this, and I am pretty sure I am not supposed to, but Karl has told me stories of stuff like that, that has happened to him and his group.” 

I always knew Karl’s group was specialized, but I didn’t know the extent.  We had never known where he was posted or assigned from one day to the next. One day we would hear he’s in Germany, and the next at an undisclosed location. Of course we were all used to this secrecy.

“I do remember, he did mention a book of some sort a couple years ago.  I can’t remember where he was though” 

“He’s never told me any of his military stories, except for boot camp, promotions and them when he was being assigned as a special agent” I guess the bond between husband and wife is stronger than that of brothers. 

We rounded a corner on two wheels as we turned toward Shadowlands. Ahead in front, was something I was not expecting to see so soon. Four identical motorcycles, with four identical drivers, the same as the ones at the warehouse with the Asian. 

“Don’t go to Shadowlands, just keep driving” I instructed Robin. 

“But that’s where I thought we were going?” 

“Those look like the guys from the warehouse, and they don’t look like Shadowlands regular customers. I’m not taking chances” 

Thinking Robin would simply drive by nonchalantly was a mistake. Instead she does a U-turn in the middle of the street, squealing the tires, and knocking over a trash can in the process. Holding up a big sign that said “Hey look here we are” would have been more subdued.  

As she turned wildly the G forces caused the book to fall off my lap and landed open on the floor.  Reaching to grab it I noticed there were words written on the page. 

“You are being followed!” Was written in bold letters at the top of the page.

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