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Chapter 8- Crazy Eight

The ground began to shake and the lights were flickering to come back on, almost like a strobe light effect. The hissing sounds grew louder and louder. Out of the corner of my eye to my left  I see something oozing through the concrete floor…. Like a think black liquid; but instead of making a puddle on the floor, it was forming a shape which was starting to grow quite quickly. To my right another began to take shape as well.

Gaji stood and grabbed the arm of Razakal and pulled him in front of her. Pointing toward one of the mounds she cries out “golems”.

I knew from my mythology research books that golems are artificial creature created by magic, often to serve a master …I just didn’t know what forms they would take…or for that matter who what their master was.  This day was getting weirder by the moment…

The golems are now 2 humanoid shapes; looking something like ancient samurai with armor and swords.  Razakal was standing in front of Gaji with what appeared to be a spear guarding Gaji.

One of the golems was swing its sword and Razakal blocking it. The golems weapons sounded quite solid given loud clang the sword made when it connected with the spear.

 “Jazon, run” Gaji cried out.  I had found myself backed up against the wall giving the samurai-golems plenty of room. At the moment they weren’t paying any attention to me so I could.  I was about to bolt out the door when I see Robins bag and the book on the table. Running between the golems I snatch up the book and the knapsack. As I turned to leave, I made the misfortune of looking at one directly in the face; holy gruesome,  its had holes where its eyes and nose should be and fanged teeth.  Just then Razakal impaled the spear into the chest of the one right in front of me. It made a loud hissing sound and looked like it was attempting to pull the spear out. I could see the head of the spear protruding out its back. That was my cue to exit.

 “The Book!” Gaji cried out now, as if she had a change of heart and didn’t want me to take it. Well she gave it to me and there was something compelling me to take the book with me. Throwing the back pack over my shoulder and book in hand, I ran out the door and down the hall with no idea where I was or where I was going.  I made a couple of turns before I found door marked exit.

Behind the door I found a stair case that only led up, so up I went. Opening the first door that I came to, I found myself back in the lobby again, but I was not alone.

 Standing in the middle of the lobby was an tall thin Asian man dressed in a back pin stripe suit. His hair was slicked back into a pony tail. Four men were beside him, 2 on either side dressed in what appeared to be shiny leather and motorcycle helmets with their face shields closed, holding what looked like riot batons.

 “Ah yes” he spoke in a heavy Asian accent. “you have the book, thank you I will relieve you of that now” He extended his open hand toward me.

 Holding the book closer to myself. I thought for a moment. Why did suddenly everyone want this book? I know I was warned about it by Doc. 

 I looked at the book for moment. The stars on it shined for a moment. I looked at the Asian.

 “I don’t know who you are, or what you want with the book, but….” I was cut off

 “The book is not yours, you do not understand it!” The Asian raised his voice “you do not understand what you hold” The biker brigade stepped forward at that moment and held their  batons in a more threatening manner.

 My mouth opened and I spoke “The book has been entrusted to me and I am its keeper now”. I had no idea where the words had come from as this was something I would not have said. It was almost like I had no control over what I was saying.

 “So be it” spoke the Asian and pointed his arm toward me, and the biker brigade started to advance toward me.

 Have no control what so ever again, I held up the book in one arm and my other hand in a halt gesture I shouted “Back!”. It was like a wave of energy that shot out, the 4 henchmen flew back off their feet and landed hard on the lobby floor.

 I was in awe I was looked at the book and my hand and back to the book trying to figure out just what the hell happened.

 “I see you and the book have bonded” the Asian stated from across the room “may the gods have mercy on your soul”. And with that he turned and began walking in the other direction leaving the four on the floor where that landed.

“Wait” I shouted “What’s so special about the book?”

 The Asian stopped and turned his head back towards me . With a devilish smile on his face he said  “Ask the book”

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