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Chapter 7 – Open Book Policy

The first thing I felt was a pounding headache, my eyes slowly opened and I found myself in a chair, my arms tied to the armrests on either side. Before me and across a small desk; obviously a piece of furniture left behind in the building was Gaji the lady from the antique sale at the pier. Behind her stood the man with the blond dreadlocks; arms crossed, with a perma-scowl across his face.

“I apologize for my overzealous assistant” she spoke to me “I had asked him to bring you too me when you arrived, and he didn’t quite understand the task-sometimes instructions are lost in the translation – he doesn’t speak English”

On the table sat Robins knapsack, opened; and the book sat in front of the gypsy lady.

My mind was a still a little hazy as I asked  “Who are you? I thought you were in danger?”

“I am sorry for tricking you” I sensed a slight European accent in her voice “My name is Gaji, I am one of the guardians of the book” she gestured with an open hand to the book.  “I sensed an honour<???> in you, when you were at the booth and I recognized your face from your articles; some are very interesting. Plus the book itself was able to sense your nobility<??>”

“Well thank you very much …” I began. Then I stopped being flattered “Um…If I am not  a threat, why and I still tied up?”

“Please forgive, I wasn’t sure how you would react after you awoke” She turned her head toward the  blond dreadlocks and spoke “ Razakal, dimittere eum placer!”.

sic domina o dominaberis” he spoke in a deep hollow voice. I didn’t have a clue what language the spoke,  but I am sure his name was Razakal. Because right after Gaji gave the command, Razakal replied something walked around the desk to me and untied the ropes binding my arms”

As he was untying me, all I could smell was his strong body odour and curry…I wish he’d would hurry up and free me, so he would not be so close as I was not a fan of either scent. As he walked away after untying me  all I could think of as I rubbed my wrists was “freedom and fresh air”.

“Ok, well if you’re not in danger then why was your ‘friend’ here Razakal taking you away at the bazaar?”

“Danger was coming, and time was short, he simply rushed me away”

“What danger?” I asked “I know this book as some sort of magic, but just what does it do??

“well now as you are most likely aware, you and myself can both write in the book using our minds. This is because you and the book ‘bonded’ at some point”


“Yes, did you happen to poke of cut yourself on the book since its been in your possession?”


“Well you have bonded and now the book knows you better than you know yourself, all your thoughts, all your notions and ideas. Memories that you have forgotten.”

“Only mine?”

“Anyone who has ever bonded with the book, it knows all their thoughts –the book know what you; and I are thinking, even right now.”

“So it has some sort of psychic connection with us?”

“Not just with you and I, everyone that the book bonded with, everyone who more or less touched the book…… that’s why this book is so dangerous”

I was at a loss “So that book is more or less filled with the thoughts and memories of everyone who ever touched the book?”

“Both living and dead” Gaji added

“But when I had the book, the pages were blank, so what does the book do with all my memories?”

“The book saves them, and only the owner of the book is able to retrieve the’

I was confused, my head was hurting again but not from the hit on the head now. “How?”

Gaji proceeded to open the  randomly she looked down at the book and back at me. She closed her eyes and waives her fingers over the open pages; silently moving her lips as if she were invoking a spell. Pausing for a moment she looks down and the book and begins to read.

“Kate looks so beautiful laying there dresses in an off white lacy dress;  hands crossed at her waist holding both rosary  beads and a single white rose. I wish she would wake, I wish she would open her eyes and look at me one last time. I felt a hand on my shoulder; it was the priest “I’m sorry son” he said “it’s time”. The lid of the casket closed. Kate was gone. My eyes closed and I felt another tear roll down my face”

Gaji looked up at me “sorry for my selection; I wanted to find your thoughts when you were at your most weakest point”

My heart sank as she read; I knew for a fact that those were my thought at the moment in time as I didn’t speak to a single soul that day. And right now when Gaji was reading, pulled me back in time till that moment.

“Again this is why this book is so dangerous to those who want it. At points in time this book has passed through the hands of powerful important people. The book knows everything, no one is able to keep secrets from it…” Gaji closed the book and put it off to the side.

“ And just how many people are in the book?” my journalistic intrigue suddenly took over

Gaji paused for a moment “There are thousands upon thousands of people in the book; magicians to madmen, paupers to princes the book is not particular whose memories it assimilates”

My mind was a blur now, and aware that all my thoughts from now on would be transferred into the book.

“Why?” it was the simplest and shortest question I would ask all day, but I knew its answer would carry some deep meaning.

Gaji seemed to be pondering the question. “The book has no rhyme or reason why it passes from one hand to the next, no one dare keep it long for fear madness will set in”

Gaji stopped speaking suddenly and looked up and Razakal suddenlly became alert of something.

There was a loud hissing sound filling the room; and the lights went out.

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