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Chapter 6- Return to the Pier

As soon as Robin arrived I had filled her in about the book and how Gaji was contacting me, and I her, and how of course how I was going to go rescue her…  I had really thought Robin would have asked more questions, or at least one. But all she had done was nod her head and say ok-fine… Normally she would have asked me a few hundred questions and I would think she would have at least attempted talking me out of playing hero; it’s not something I do every day and honestly besides of occasionally helping an elderly person this was my first real act of heroics.

“Robin” I asked “You wouldn’t happen to have a gun or a knife on you”

She reached in the back seat and grabbed her knapsack, pulling out her wallet she plopped it in my lap. “Here, help yourself, there’s no guns or knives, but if theres would you could use, take it” . I really didn’t know what was in there, but was surprised just how heavy it was. I always told her she had everything in there but the kitchen sink: hopefully that was true and would end up being helpful. I tucked the book into her knapsack.

Robin dropped me off a few blocks away as I instructed, more or less to keep her out of danger. I still knew that something was up as she was tight lipped. I didn’t have time to ask her and was starting to feel just a little guilty.

The building at the pier was a short jog from where I had obtained the book. The building itself was worn decrepit looking. Its steel exterior had faded and rusted in the air by the river. Basically the building did not look like it was about to fall down on me.

As I approached the building a million thoughts were in my head…what if there was an army of bad guys in there? What if they had guns? What if I get killed…my mind was wondering just a little too much. I needed to focus, and do what I had to do.  First step was to find a way in that was a silent as possible.

Walking around the building there were plenty of open and or broken windows, but there were all about 12 feet off the ground and there were no ladders in sight, somehow I knew there wouldn’t be a ladder in Robins bag…

Of the 2 doors that were left open for the building. I decided to use the front door- my thoughts were seriously who in their right mind would come through the front doors to rescue someone…I would.

I gently pulled the door open wide enough for me to squeeze through making as little as noise as possible. The open room was wide with hallways leading in various directions and doors up against the far wall. The only light in the room were from the broken windows as the glass that wasn’t broken was covered with a brown dusty film.

I kneels down and decided to look through Robin’s bag just to see what I could use if I needed to suddenly turn into MacGyver …tampons, make up, coupons for nail salons,…so far I wasn’t having much luck. However I did decide on two item…a can of hair spray and a book of matches…I was ready to go.

Matches in one hand and the hairspray in the other I started walking down the closest dark hall way. If anything jumped out at me I would give them a blast of fiery hairspray. I really wish Robin had a lighter cause I would look ridiculous trying to light a match with a bunch of henchmen running toward me.

There was no lights coming from underneath any of the closed locked doors. I wasn’t about to attempt to smash open these door at this time, as I would only be sure to bring unwanted attention to myself. The doors that were open were all empty with the exception of scattered papers and discarded used furniture.

I returned to the main entrance and as I started down the only other hallway. After about 10 steps I heard something…I stopped and strained my ears to listen…silently I heard the “yup yup monsters, I quickly dropped to my knees, opened up the knapsack and began frantically searching for Robins cell phone…as soon as I opened it the “yup yup brrringggg” grindstone from sesame street kept getting louder and louder. I frantically I began pressing random buttons finally I hit one and the ringing stopped.

“Ah silence” I thought to myself as I put the phone back in the knapsack. Looking around I didn’t see or hear anyone else. But then I hear it…

“Hello?…Hey Robin, you there?” a female voice was speaking. Its me Colleen I was wondering if you want to go get pedis this weekend? Gimme a call…ciao babe”

In my frantic button pushing, not only had I managed to answer the phone but active the speaker phone as well. I find the phone and pull it out and manage to pull the battery out of the back of the phone;  the  call display of a  smiling red-headed lady name Colleen Jenkins fades away.

I feel something behind me, a scuffle of a boot on the concrete floor, I turn to look to see a dark shadow then stars as something hits me on the head and everything goes dark.

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