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Chapter 5 -Be Careful What You Wish For…

In all the time I’ve known Doc, I have never seen him like this.

You must not show this book to anyone else! and do not let anyone know you have it; understood? ”

I simply nodded as I child would to an agitated parent scorning them.

“Have you shown it to anyone else? If this is a really a Posha Wishing Book, you must be careful,  there are those who would use this for their own purposes. Imagine if a politician or a terrorist got a hold of something like this…the corruption they could do is unimaginable.

“No, no one knows that I have it.  You, Emily, my sister-in-law, the Gypsy woman who sold it to me.”

“What about male the was there?” Emily interjected.

“He wasn’t there when I bought it, I only saw him when I was walking away when he was grabbing the Gypsy woman”.

“Is it possible that he knows you have it?” Doc questioned

“I don’t know, maybe I guess” I hadn’t a clue, as I only saw him the one time. “I paid with cash, so they will have to use a crystal ball find me”

No sooner than I said that then Emily was flipping a large book for some reason all of a sudden I expected her to say ‘jinkies’ .

“According to this” Emily began “Since he’s never met you, he may not be able to find you using a crystal ball and that’s if he was even able to use a crystal ball in the first place. Its more the females that do this.  However, if he was able to use one and had previously owned this Posha Wishing Book, then he maybe able to locate it where about”. Emily closed the book “He could however force the Gypsy woman to find you though”.

Dr Rhemus had his hand to his chin thinking out loud “”Now the book did have ‘Help me’ written in it, did it not? So I am making the assumption that it was written by the books last owner, in the case the Gypsy women.”  Emily nodded in agreement, and at the same time opened the book again and once again flipping pages.

Emily backed away from the book, grabbed the journal and brought it over to me.

“Jaz, I need you to do something, have a seat please”  Of course I obliged.

“I need to you to write in your journal, below where it says help me. Ask your journal or I guess who ever wrote Help Me a question. Grabbing a pen I opened the book and with a quick thought I jotted down the first 3 words that came to mind  ‘who are you?’ satisfied, as I thought it made perfect sense, and well Doc or Emily didn’t tell me what to write.

Emily looked at me funny I looked back at the page and below the ‘Help me’ and my 3 words questioning whom I was speaking to was the words ‘Gaji,  was written in a red ink of course . I looked at Doc and Emily and asked  “Now what? ”

I quickly scribbles on the page; “are you the lady who gave me the book at the market?

As quickly as I wrote it the words “Yes” appeared on the page.

Emily now had a questioned look on her face. And she did speak her concern “But what do we do though? Is she in any danger or anything?” She had a look of concern on her face.

Doc Rhemus leaned toward me “The only way to find out is for ‘you’ to ask her. Only ‘you’ can communicate through the book”.

Wow talk about pressure… I grabbed the pen and book and was about to write when suddenly the word “Are you in danger?” in my hand writing appeared on the page.

I looked at the Doc and said “ I guess I’ve made a connection to the book”

Doc paused for a moment before he replied… “You seem to have made a connection to the book, but the book really belongs to it’s owner, possibly that Gaji?.

Now you had mentioned that she had some tattoos on her arms, didn’t you? I want you to think back to their designs and tell me if they match the designs on the cover ”

Emily interjected “But, if something were to happen to her, then this book would then belong to you,  this of course means that Gaji can see what’s is written in the book to her and respond, without having possession of the book.”

It did seem like a straightforward answer and I nodded that it did make sense…well not really. I was still confused. “So anyone can write in this book and Gaji will know and can answer without having the book in her possession?”

Doc and Emily looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“But only I, that we know of can write in the book without the use of a pen?”

I looked back at the page to see if Gaji had replied.

“Yes I am!” was written beneath my question.

Thinking out loud “I guess we should do is try to rescue her; don’t you think?”

Before Doc could say anything, Emily said “Well Gaji did contact you.

Doc gave Emily a thank-you-for interrupting-look “Well obviously the first thing you should do is find out where she is and what type of danger she and yourself are in.

“Wow” Emily was grinning “You might be a hero, like a modern-day Indiana Jones”

Smirking at her comment I wrote in the book to Gaji “Where are you? Are you in any danger?” and closed the cover so I could get a reply.

They have me in the old Leitch building by the Pier…. hurry” appeared on the page.

I closed the book and grabbed my cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, its me. I’m at Shadowlands on Bridge Street. I need a ride.

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