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Chapter 14- Dinner is Served

Fu took a sip of his tea then placed it down and looked at me for a moment while it all sunk in.

“I am merely as an observer for the book. I am here to guide the owner of the book. I do not get involved”

“So how did the book get here?” Was my first question that came to mind.

“The book has a mind of its own, rumour has it that it is conflicted within itself; part of it is good, and part evil. It gained those traits from the brothers Which is why it continues to change owners, to find peace with in itself”

“So since I have the book, does that mean I will get all its powers and knowledge too” Of course I had to ask.

“In time, the longer you have the book the more you will gain”

“What happens if I lose the book?”

“Once you have had the book, you will always know where it. Some people are relieved to have gotten rid of it, and some are obsessed to the point of madness trying to re-obtain it”

Fu looked over my shoulder suddenly “You’re about to witness obsessiveness first hand”

With that the far wall of the restaurant crashed down. Plaster, table and chairs went flying in every direction. Diners discarded their chopsticks and ran screaming for the exits.

Six figures stood in the dust while it began to settle; 4 larger golems stood at the front as a blonde dreadlock dude named Razakal and his Gaji drew to the forefront

“Fu!” Gaji screamed “You are not to be involved why are you here; The book is mine and I will take it from your cold dead hands if you do not hand it over to me”

Fu stood and stepped infront of me. He gracefully bowed and acknowledged Gaji’s presence.

“My dear Gaji, nice to see you as always but as you know the book is not mine. I have never owned the book nor will I”

Gaji now glared at me as I peered around Fu “Hand it over “she screamed “so I can deliver it to my master”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Fu had his arms up his sleeves in a stereotypical oriental pose. He turned to me calmly whispered “This is where you cast a spell on them”

“I don’t know any spells though” I whispered back.

Fu smiled amusingly and looked at me in the eyes “Welcome to the world of magic, you have the book, thus you have the power; make one up”

For some reason nothing came to mind, even after all those fantasy movies I watched growing up

The four golems began to cross the restaurant towards us, tossing chair and tables to the side as if they were nothing. Glasses of tea and plates of fried octopus flew everywhere.

I finally pointed at one of the golems and concentrated….a blast of blue electricity shot out of my hand striking the golem directly in the chest; pushing it back but inflicting no direct damage.

I pointed again at another one and fired off a ball of flames. Nothing but a black spot was the only damage I managed to do to it.

Thank god these monstrosities were slow. I thought to myself and deep down I knew how to do it. Dr R had even mentioned it to me once long ago while I was writing an article about role playing games and reality.

I looked at one of the golems and concentrated on the ritual writing that covered it body and thought, ‘Erase’. The writing on the golem vanished and the golem froze for a moment, then dissolved into a puddle on the floor. The same liquid like when they had first appeared to me when I had first met Gaji.

I quickly pointed at another golem with the same results; a pool of liquid on the floor.

Upon disseminating the third golem Fu looked and me and smile “Bravo, obviously you already have some insight into the supernatural”

Gaji screamed something from the opening that I couldn’t quite understand but; Razakal the remaining golem and herself vanished with a flash of light.

Fu looked at me and smiled “interesting” he said.

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