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Chapter 13-A long, long time ago…

“Long, long ago in a far off now defunct empire, there were a pair of twin wizard princes; Zhing and Ang. As boys they fought constantly trying to gain their fathers approval and attention and when they grew up it continued.  Both wanted to be the heir to the throne but unfortunately there could be only one. Their father decided to allow them to have a magical contest between them and the most powerful of the two would be heir and thus eventually king. However, the king decreed that they were not to directly kill each other, and if they did the other one would not become king. He was so insistent that he put a spell on both his sons which made their magic useless against their sibling. So for there to be a winner the as the looser would have to surrender to his brother. 

 For decades they magically battled trying to gain superiority on the other. Hex’s, pox’s curses and plagues ravished the country side. Wars were fought and many a serf died with neither prince willing to surrender to the other.

 Their father only watched from afar though a , saddened by his sons greed.

 Eventually as time passed both prince’s met women who would become their wives.  One showed her husband what compassion was and he eased his attacks and concentrated on defenses for his empire. The other urged her spouse on for total control of the kingdom.

 The other princess was secretly a gypsy-witch with aspirations to be Queen and to sit on the thrown; alone. She created a book and through a spell which she designed herself, the book would steal all the thoughts and memories of whom ever possessed it. She informed her husband of her plan, the princess-witch would deliver the book herself, and was to present the book as a gift to her sister in law. Hopefully she would show her husband the gift she received and in the process the book would steal all his thoughts and memories and more importantly his spells. Oh how he would become so powerful with the knowledge of all his brothers spells; he would surely become the next heir. The witch purposely omitted the fact that as soon as the book pricked his finger and drew his royal blood all his thoughts and memories would be stolen into the book without his knowledge.

 Powerless now the witch watched as she turned her husband’s kingdom and all its inhabitants to stone.  The prince her husband amongst them.

 The rest of the plan was working perfectly…well almost. Of course the princess graciously received the book and showed it to her own prince; and the book; as designed acquired all his thoughts, memories and yes, spells.  But she had no way to steal the book back. Then the brother hears how about how his brothers kingdom has been turned to stone. He sends his spies out and discovers his brother is alone in his stone kingdom. Coincidently all this occurred right after the witch left to deliver the book to her sister-in-law.

He called for the book to have it examined it and after his clerics deciphered the writing on the cover, he soon discovered that his sister in law was a witch, and the book was stealing thoughts and memories; and of course the spells.

 He was furious once he learned what she had done and ordered the book destroyed and the witch be burned alive on the stake.

 The witch had obtained too much power from her late prince, and as she was to be she cursed his castle and it too turned to stone and crumbled to dust along with all. Unfortunately for her the ropes binding her were magic and she was not able to free herself…to this day it is unknown if she perished in the fire or crumbles to stone.

 For all intensive purposes the book was lost and presumed destroyed. Few at that time even knew of its existence. But the book survived and in it carried the memories and goal of the 2 princes and knew there must be an heir to the kingdom so it began its search. Going from person to person taking what it needed and giving select powers to those who required it to bring the book to where it needed to be.

 So now the book has travelled to your hands. Whether you are the person or not only time will tell…

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