The weekend update again

So I used to have an app on my desktop for a short cut to WordPress so I wouldn’t have to use a browser, but I some how removed it and I can’t find it on the Microsoft store anymore. But at least I can still post this way.

Looks like we’re suppose to be hit by a HUGE snowstorm this weekend. Hopefully, I (or we) can still go out and do something fun/interesting at least.

I received my yearly insurance statement yesterday and am debating whether to pay it now or later. Maybe now, just to get it done. The next thing I will have to worry about is my (our) taxes. I hope I won’t have to pay and if I do, it’s not too much.

Oh I tried to have fun and chat with a friend on Facebook. Its more like they were an acquaintance, and weren’t really into chatting with me. So much for trying not to feel lonely. I should keep trying and not get so discouraged.

OK time to go caffeinate and do some laundry (yay, clean sheets tonight).

ciao xo



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