We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Well its now April and I have only worked a month and a week so far this year. I was either off sick, on bereavement leave or using p vacation time.  Hopefully the next time I am off for a lengthy amount of time will be my vacation.

No idea what I will be doing this weekend, as someone is sick and I do not want to sit at home watching TV all day or worse movies that I don’t really have an interest in. Oh great sounds like she up before I am done so will have to cut this short unless I want her reading over my shoulder…more later,

<added afterwards>So managed to do a couple things that I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t either because I couldn’t walk around that much with a cane in IKEA and the other was get my 8th tattoo of some ravens (hope I remember to post a pic of it).


Hopefully tomorrow morning or sometime I’ll be able to get my hair cut as it has been a while. Hopefully there will be some of the younger staff there, as I do not like the older ones (plus they do not speak English that well – so it’s a communication thing).

Bought a new lamp at IKEA and not really sure I like it; only cause the base is so big. I guess with everything i will get used to it.

Now that’s all

Ciao xo




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