Another morning…

Yep, another morning up alone even though we went to bed at the same time. I wonder how someone can sleep that long. I know I have been getting up later and later and the average time now is around 7:30ish. Normally I would be happy with this but it’s boring as heck and no one seems to want to chat with me on messenger. It doesn’t help when I and getting hit by bouts of depression. I know how to cure it but right now at the moment I am not physically able to get dressed and do something. Soon though I am hoping. I know I won’t be running marathons; just hoping I will be able to put my shoes on and do something other than stay at home in my pajamas and watching TV.

OK enough wallowing I am going to try and find something to do here.

ciao xo


Freaking Bored

I swear this has been the most boring 3 weeks of my life and have one more week to go. Its bad enough that I can’t go anywhere on my own, but there’s like no one online for me to chat with at least to kills some of the time. My daughter is coming back sometime soon (I hope). So at lease I can listen to her talk to herself as she plays her new video games. I really hope some are two players so I can play too.

So I go back to the hospital this Friday for hopefully more good news (that  don’t need the zimmer brace anymore). After that its all about rehab on my aching under used muscles. I really hope that I will be able to go back to work next Monday and of course drive my car again (once I dig it out). I just hope that it starts without too much problems.

I guess I should go back and sit down on my chair as being on the computer hurts my leg if I am on too long (which is why I haven’t been writing).

ciao for now xo

Another Christmas Done

Well I survived another Christmas without loosing it on everyone. This year was even more difficult with having to hobble around with a broken knee and a cane. Doesn’t help that my fat ass second cousin plopped her ass down in front on the TV so I  couldn’t see squat. Yeah I know I should have been talking more to family but again they weren’t listening to me. So now after dealing with my family I have to deal with my fiancés family who insist talking in French so that’s going to make for a long day.

I guess the only good thing about not being able to put up the Christmas tree, is not having to take it down lol

Well guess I better find something productive to do to keep somewhat active.

Ciao xo

Pity Party – just frustrated

Just feeling frustrated. Ever since I broke my knee I haven’t been able to do many things that I’d normally take for granted. So many easy things like putting shoes on is now a challenge that I need help with. I can’t drive even if I was able to do I’m housebound for the next little while. Yeah I’m having a little pity party here, but feeling kinda useless.


So let the transformation of me turning into bitter old man begin. I have MY chair that I sit In the nobody else is allowed to sit on..i have seemed to have lost my sense of humour to others attempts at joking. And I have my cane which I am. Or than willing to crack someone on the shins if they get in my way lol.

For the past week I have been home bound with a broken knee not being able to go anywhere. I have at least 3 weeks more of this too..hopefully soon I won’t have to rely on everyone else for little things like driving me places (it’s my right knee don’t forget)to helping me get dressed; even putting on my shoes. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful and thankful for their help, but I have always been kinda stubborn and liked to do things on my own. I guess I’ll have to live with it and have others do my bidding.

Well I am almost done my shopping which is good. I need presents for my parents from my youngest; one of which is a book. I need a present for her mother again I know what it is. And finally one more gift card for my oldest. I think I need more for my fiancé but no idea what to get her. Maybe will get something once I am able to go out on my own nest year.

That’s my rant for now and hope it’s a good a day.

Ciao xo


So feeling more than a little bummed out now. Been in a Zimmer brace since Saturday and seems all I can do is sit on my ass and do literally next to nothing. I have been able to male meals and do dishes but that’s about it. I can’t sit comfortably at the table to eat. Can’t wrap presents. Of course I can’t drive or even dress myself without pain. I go to the hospital tomorrow to see what they say (hopefully some good news). Deep down I am afraid that they will want to operate on me. All. I can do now is not think about it, and try and relax.


So yeah I broke the medusa bone in my knee. And now I feel useless. I can’t drive, I can’t bring things up or downstairs (so no laundry or bringing up the Christmas tree). Getting dressed is s challenge as I can’t put shoes or socks on. It’s even a pain (seriously) to sit in the toilet. I am discovering muscles I haven’t used in a while and one turned into a Charlie horse in the middle of the might; and for those few moments both legs were in pain

Now just have to wait and hear my bosses reaction when I tell him I won’t (more like can’t) come to work this week.

Well time to clear some of my pvr as I’m not going anywhere the next few days.

Wish me a speedy recovery

Ciao xo