Have a Nice Day

I know I didn’t write this yesterday (but I wanted too).  I was on the bus as normal and there is this lady who I’ll call one of my bus-crushes (someone I find attractive on the bus) sat with me again. Of course we never spoke, but when I was getting off the bus; she smiled and told me to have a nice day. That alone made my day.

Yes I also told her to have a nice day too 😉

Now if I only knew her name.


Weekly Rant

black-friday-shopping-crowdWell in a month it will be Christmas so I can stop stressing what to get everyone, cause right now it looks like I will be buying a crap load of gift cards (albeit some have asked for them).

I have a few things left to buy for my youngest and maybe one or 2 things for my fiancé. I haven’t even started with my oldest yet, and she will be the toughest to shop for. I know that we at least have 2 things on her list (everything else wasn’t available t be shipped to Canada).

Speaking of shipping. I d have some items being shipped to me (I think from China) and they gave me a range for the delivery date anywhere from December 5 to December 27th – UGH!. For 2 of them its not as much ass a big deal since they are for me, but the other 2 are gifts and would prefer them asap.

OK so get this. You know I purchased a car at the end of October. I was told by the sales guy (Myers Orleans) he would contact OnStar to set it up for me (he didn’t I had to call November 3rd) and they told me they would have to ship a part to upgrade my car. I contacted the guy at the dealership and he said the part hadn’t arrived yet, but would call me as soon as it did. I called OnStar on November 23 and they checked the order and it was delivered November 4th (WTF?), so I forwarded an email to the dealership letting them know, and bonehead was like contacting me right away letting me know my part arrived…duh.

Hopefully thins weekend I will b able to get out and do stuff cause I hate sitting home doing nothing. I should buy a new shirt and tie for the Christmas party next weekend, an maybe get a few other things off my shopping list – wish me luck

ciao xo

Just the norm around here…

To make matters simple, lets say I woke up at 6:30 which mean I slept in an hour; woo hoo. I have my coffee and Jasper is up playing with his toy – hopefully not destroying it. Well we managed to get some shopping done for Gwyn last night at Toys on Fire. Bought her 6 Funkos (2 rare and 4 regular ones) Just hope she doesn’t buy any of them today at Ottawa Comiccon (and with that I put the receipt away just in case). I also know the 3 that I am getting (Yoda, Grumpy and a Storm Trooper) since I picked them out. Sometimes it’s nice to know what you’re getting, and other times it’s nice to be surprised.

Right now I would say that I am half way done my shopping. I still have to start buying for my oldest daughter and she has been sending me links online for a while now. I know she will be getting gift cards again; not that it’s that I am lazy, but some things you can’t buy for her (grocery gift card for example). Then of course there’s the matter of style and taste – which I may not have being a father lol

Hope it doesn’t start freezing rain here for a while. Part of me wants to go to Comiccon and part of me wants to do something else (shopping of course).

Well just ran out of motivation – guess I need more coffee.

Ciao xo

Ugh Winter Tire Time…


Well it’s almost winter here. We had a dusting of snow here and it hasn’t gone away yet 😦
It’s not in any huge amount and we can still see the grass and pavement; at least for the time being.
Since I am off today (Federal Employee on a Federal Statutory holiday) I decided to have my winter tired put on. I ad to shell out $1000 for the tires and the rims and I am pretty sure (I hope) it includes installation. After that’s done, depending on how much money I have left will depend what I do with the rest of my day.  There’s a few things I could get at the store and think I may need one or 2 of them I need, but I am pretty sure I can wait till the weekend.
Had a kinda sucky weekend. No one wanted to do anything and since I wake up early makes the day just feel so, so long. I guess it was a good thing as I am waiting (as per above) to see how much money I have left.
I guess I’ll go washout my empty coffee cup, put Jasper in his crate and go get things done.

Ciao xo

It`s Only Wednesday…


Yeah I have to admin I have gone from Scrooge a complete asshole. I am at the point where I am just loosing my shit at the drop of a hat; and the worst part is it’s over the littlest things too.

So it’s only Wednesday after the fall-back time change and after fighting the flu last week, I think I am caught up on my rest, I hope lol.

Wonder what’s going to happen this weekend now (its my daughters week with me starting Friday). Wonder what we will be up to and what we can do…

Ciao xo


Just Bits and Pieces

Ok so I had the flu this week and actually took 2 days off work; I can’t remember the last time I did that. I know that I am not 100% yet, but I am better than I have been feeling.

Plans today are to venture to the Rideau Centre. I know exactly why we are going (Simba at the Disney store). I had better look at some games online before we go so can look at the games and a maybe buy one.

Youngest daughter is at her mothers this week which means I get a break, She also mentioned that her mother and her fiancé may be moving but she wasn’t sure where…she thinks Rockland, but could be wrong (means I may get her more? who knows?).

OK off I go to get the laundry and get ready to go (eventually).

See wasn’t too much this week

ciao xo

The Flu

So it seems my lovely daughter gave me her cold. I’m now on day 2 of staying here me sick.  Those who know me know it’s hard for me to stay home sick. No one will do any of my work so when I go back I am going to have a crap load cause my lazy assed coworkers would rather be too busy taking their long 45 and 60 minute breaks. Oh well guess everyone will have to suffer till I get back.

No kisses today as I might be contagious.