Happiness is..

So I know it’s not much but I like my Game of Thrones phone case. Just too bad I couldn’t find one with the nights watch on it ūüė¶

Oh well.


Last Day of Summer

So today is the last day of my summer vacation. This time tomorrow I will be showered shaved, and wearing pants. Hopefully I will be sufficiently caffeinated too.
Did I do everything I wanted to do? Nope have a long list left of things we could have done. I keep telling myself next year will be better (cause it can’t be worse).
I do need to head to the store later on to get a few things for lunches. Maybe that new backpack that I talked myself out of too. I doubt I will have time to get a tattoo today, but there’s always this weekend.
I guess it’s time I should work on myself just cause I do deserve to be happier than I am and I am really getting tired of doing everything and always feeling down.

Well time to get my ass off my seat and go do something or not.

ciao xo

Down to 3

Well I have the house to myself this morning, but I don’t know for how long. Went to the store yesterday and didn’t buy the pants I wanted cause they didn’t have my size and I wasn’t going to bay $70 for pants. I also postponed buying a backpack since I have one that I can use.
Still have to decide what to do though. Maybe go back to bed and sleep all day? Nope I don’t think so.
Oh the ex finally emailed the school confirming that our daughter has moved to my address.
Ok that’s weird, the light telling me cap lock is on, just went off. Maybe a reboot or something to do with this app? Guess I will reboot and see what happens. (OK fixed it).
I guess I should figure out what to do now. Don’t really have anything I need to buy…maybe I’ll go get a tattoo lol
I guess I’ll figure it out.

ciao in the meantime xo

Down to 4 days left…


Well as the title says I am down to 4 days left of my vacation and not sure if I have done as much as I wanted to. I know I couldn’t really sleep in with the puppy and there is someone here whos lazy, so that doesn’t help. I did manage to get 2 things off my “to buy” shopping list which was the t-shirt pictured above from Spencer’s at St. Laurent shopping centre. Sure I paid almost $35 for it, but I think it was worth it. I also purchased¬†some wireless earbuds (not headphones). So I guess we’ll see how they work next week when I go back to work. I still¬†would like to purchase a new backpack: something that’s not to heavy.
Oh there’s still a chance I could get a tattoo (crosses fingers). Just have to find/make time and find the motivation to do so.
My daughter and her friend are still sleeping and hope they don’t sleep all day. I know they are (hopefully) going back to her place tonight and to the Capital Fair tomorrow.
I guess now the chance to watch another episode of the Defenders on Netflix.

ciao for now xo


So it All Ends Soon

So begins the last week of my holidays and I still don’t think I have done all I wanted to. Sure we went to Niagara Falls a few days and well that was OK, I just don’t think I have done all I wanted to. The problem is I don’t know what that is or could be. Sure I do have money left over and I know I don’t have to spend it.¬† There are things I want ad need – one being I need to check my suit pants for the wedding we are going to next weekend. I wouldn’t mind getting¬† one or two pairs of docker type pats just to look a little nicer at work. I know I don’t need any more jeans or short sleeved shirts for the next little while. I thought I wanted a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, but talked myself out of it cause I have too many t-shirts as it is lol.

I am but I am not looking forward to going back to work, cause when I do I know I will have t talk to my manager about having my hours changed starting September since I now have Gwyn and that’s freaking me out too. Maybe once I start getting support payments from the ex it won’t be so bad.

I decided on the next 2 tattoos I would like and thing I know where I would like them. One will be on the back of my left leg. I hope it doesn’t hurt to much with my sciatica pains, plus I hope I don’t twitch as much as I did with the Dire Wolf tattoo.

Well better go start laundry. I really do not get enough credit for what do around here. I guess why that’s why everyone else seems so lazy compared to me:(

ciao for now xo

Hates online shopping

So yeah due to dire financial reasons, I haven’t shopped online in years. Only recently have I restarted again. Today I went to the Sears.ca site. No offence, I know they at having financial difficulties, but man does it suck (for men at least). I wanted to find some dress pants and guess what – they had none, not at all. I looked for some other clothes and had about the same luck – none. I know there is better luck to look at the stores; this way I can try it on so I know what I am getting. I’m only looking for maybe 2-3 pairs of Dockers for now. Maybe I am trying to wean my self off jeans…maybe I should only start with 1-2 instead (unless I find a super deal)¬†.

Guess I should wake the women so we can go to the Lachute flea market so we can be home in time for my mothers birthday dinner.

ciao xo


So I had bad dreams last night and was passed off in my dream and woke up in the same mood. 

I want to do stuff today, but don’t know what.  I do know I don’t need to buy jeans lol. Maybe I’ll look for dockers?