Loss for Words

Yeah so when I say I am at a loss for words, it usually means I have a lot to say. Seems like as in a previous chapter of my life, I am left at home to do almost everything, while others are out and about doing what they wish.  Sadly it seems that I am forgetting who I am and how to have fun with my life. I been meaning to go to the GAP for the past month, but so far haven’t even made it to the mall. I been to the parking lot once. but that’s as close as I have come.
I wonder who is paying for groceries tomorrow? I paid the last 3 times. Maybe its cause Gwyn is here now. Which reminds me I do have to ask the ex for support payments and baby bonus she may receive.
Had a dream the other night I didn’t want it to end and wonder who the lady in my dream was. So many things in the dreams seems so real and recognized most of the places. Maybe it was just a dream though and won’t happen.
Oh well off to get my oldest soon and I am going to let her drive part of the way home…so if you don’t hear from me again, I love you all lol

ciao xo


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