Saturday July 14

I think I need to procrastinate a little longer before I write today. Maybe do one or 2 more Facebook quizzes about what type of vegetable I am lol

So yeah we have had our new puppy Jasper for 2 weeks now and things are going good so far. He’s either playing, sleeping or pooping. At least Penny is getting along with him; even though it sounds like they are going to kill each other when they are playing.

And as well Gwyn moved in just after that and things are going good so far. I am sure her grandmother has spoiled her and has done just about everything for her. Now it’s up to me to teach her how to do things – like making basic meals to feed herself and of course clean up after her self too.

Too much I want to do this weekend and all I am missing is the motivation to do it. Moving a few things around, putting up posters (properly), a trip to Ikea and groceries. Then there is of course what I want to do like go to the Gap and/or maybe Winners. Of course our “stuff to give to Value Village box” loos like its getting full.

Oh well back to procrastinating a while longer as its way to early to do most of the things I want to do.

ciao xo



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