Now the Fun Begins

So yeah, my youngest has moved in with me now. Full time. I am really happy about it, but at the same time I am freaking out and having anxiety about the whole thing. I have to give her rules and I expect her to follow them and if not at least ask me a lot of questions about what to do.
I have another shopping list with things that she needs for her room. She still has a bunch of stuff she should go through and get rid of.  Well maybe not get rid of-rid of, but put them away in the basement since she’s not using or playing with them.

One of my friends asked me the other night “What’s making me so miserable”. I wasn’t expecting that but knew the answer. I guess in the past while I have lost myself and am doing so much for everyone else, I have no time to myself to do what I want to do. I guess its something I need to work on and soon since I am now in a family of 3 with a dog and puppy. Yikes!.

Well going to go enjoy the quiet while everyone naps or is still in bed,
Hopefully I’ll do something memorable today that will make me smile when I think back about it.

ciao xo


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