I Really Thought We Had Pop-tarts

So my daughter has still decided that she’s moving in with us after Canada Day (July 1 in case you didn’t know). There is still so much I need to do and of course no one to help me. Of course she isn’t doing much to help either. I need to move a dresser up from the basement (2 floors) but before I do that I have to empty the drawers and move a TV and 3 old gaming consoles (Nintendo, Super Nintendo and an Xbox) that are hooked up on top of it. And of course I have to make room in her bedroom. I just wish she would get rid of some of her toys though so there would be more room.

She’s here this weekend and already I am telling her not to take control of the living room TV with the Xbox. There’s 3 people living here, and we can only handle so much GTA 5. I should start playing one of the other games I bought….Batman or that Mordor one and make her watch me play for a couple hours lol

I hope we are not stuck inside all weekend, I want to go out and do something since I hardly go anywhere during the week, I googled the symptoms my lower body is having and if I were a doctor, it sounds like I have Sciatica. Some days it’s better than others. For example; the other day I half jogged to my car after dropping my daughter off.  I know for some it’s not a big deal but for me it was. Mind you right this moment I stagger like a zombie to and from the kitchen like a humped backed henchman lol.

I want to buy something just don’t know what. I know I should drop off a box of stuff I have for Value village, and maybe I can convince my fiancé to et rid of a ox of her fathers stuff. I know I don’t want to go to work Monday feeling disappointed cause I didn’t feel like I did anything; guess we’ll answer that Sunday night.

OK enough of this rambling, time to make more coffee and see what I can do until everyone wakes up.

Still wondering who read all my posts here and didn’t even say hello 😦

OK ciao for now xo


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