Write, write, write, right?

Yeah I been meaning to write more of my story but just seem to have lost the motivation of it and lost where the story was going. Of course it didn’t help that I had no clue how I  was going to end it.
Maybe I shoulder-read it and fix it, or perhaps just start a new one and have a plan how its going to end and of course a least make the story plausible.

In other news had a busy weekend where we went out bit nights again. Friday to a baseball game and yesterday to a BBQ. Of course today is fathers day and I know I will see my kids at some point <3.

So much for relaxing though as I think (as usual) I have too much to do. Groceries of course and have to go to 2 stores since they don’t carry the same items. Looks like I have to cut the grass too again (maybe we should just buy a goat lol) The hair cut I want to get can wait till Monday or Tuesday; but it is coming.

SO that it for now, going to try and relax before its too late.

ciao xo



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