Too Many Coincidences…

OK so this weekend there have been to many weird and some bad coincidences.

At work Friday we were talking about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. On Saturday morning I was out cleaning out my car and found my daughters old cheap sun glasses with Spy Kids on the side. When I came back inside both were on TV. Freaky eh?

There’s more.

Friday night we were at out friends place playing games and having pizza (Hawaiian and one with 67 in its name. The conversation turned to ringtones and which ones were cool, annoying etc.  At one point I turned to France and said I wanted mine to be the Batman theme. On Saturday we found out that Adam West had passed away as well as the inventor of the Hawaiian Pizza.


This week I purchased my Lotta Max ticket, I decided to get a 6/49nas well and thought my odds winning on 6/49 are good. I haven’t checked my ticket yet. I kinda doubt I won any prize that’s big, but even winning $2 would be kinda a nice.

 I keep asking myself; what else have I thought of this week that could possibly come true lol

That’s it that’s all

ciao xo



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