What to do, what to do


Well I know one thing, I am not going to spend $900 on furniture this weekend (least I hope I am not). There are things we  would like to buy for the house and a few tings we need. Felt pads for the old tray that’s on the table (dollar store) and new placemats too. I am sure there are some nic-naks we can get rid of or move around (just to make our place look nice(r).

I know I would like to buy something for myself. Most likely clothes and am thinking, maybe pants before I get another top. But guess I will decide if and when we go shopping.

So my fiancé has decided to sleep in the same bed as I do again. She did it to see if her arm would get any better, and looks like its not, so back to the roar of her snoring and me waking up before my alarm goes off 😦

So since I have some money decided to pay off our insurance for the upcoming year. This gives me $144 in my pocket every month. Add this to the money I am not spending on cigarettes (91 days) gives me the ability to do things I wasn’t able to before (not that I am going to go on a spending spree. I do like the fact I have money to spend – just not spending it all lol

OK think that’s all my brain has to say for now.

ciao xo


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