Week of Blah

OK wow another week done; and I didn’t kill anyone, yay me. OK so my coworkers didn’t listen to me, but that’s normal; I am used to it.

On sadder news my Ottawa Senators lost the other night in double overtime and are out of the playoffs. At least now I can go to bed at a normal time for me instead of staying up 2-3 hours later than usual.

Bought a new dining set yesterday. Paid a little more than I wanted but I think it will look nice. Actually seats 6 people and has a leaf in the center. I am going to give the one we have now to my daughter for when she moves out (eventually).


Still haven’t figured out what I want for a tattoo or even where I want it. I do have it down to 3 places though; back of left leg, back left shoulder blade or front right shoulder. I guess it will depend on what tattoo I decide on. I do like the idea of this one. 


Have a new bus crush (which is really just pretty face to look at). Least she has sat with me a few times and I her.

Again should have made notes about what to write.

Off to check my lotto tickets to see if I won again ($5 last week) then have coffee, and hopefully cut the grass today. And of course coffee.

Ciao xo



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