Ugh the Weekend


What a terrible day yesterday. The weather was miserable and my mood matched it. I decided to meet my fiancé after work and from there we would go on to the tattoo place for both of us to get tattoos. She also brought her friend from work. Now she had already decided on which tattoo she wanted so that was good (needed some changes but still fine). I on the other hand was still trying t think of one and since I had doubt in the one I was planning to get, I was working on another. Every time I mentioned something, my comments were ignored or passed over, Yeah I understood that she could have been too excited for her own tattoo too. In the end I passed the opportunity to get one. I wasn’t 100% sure so made perfect sense. Oh yeah the last thing I want is someone telling me what tattoo I should get and where I should put it.
I can tell you that I will get one and it will be when I am ready.
Actually I think I should have just gone home last night instead. I was tired and hungry so that’s not good. Oh and by the way I don’ t like having supper after 9 at night; I would rather just go to bed starved.
Think that’s all that’s bothering me at the moment…or at least for now.



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