Week of Blah

OK wow another week done; and I didn’t kill anyone, yay me. OK so my coworkers didn’t listen to me, but that’s normal; I am used to it.

On sadder news my Ottawa Senators lost the other night in double overtime and are out of the playoffs. At least now I can go to bed at a normal time for me instead of staying up 2-3 hours later than usual.

Bought a new dining set yesterday. Paid a little more than I wanted but I think it will look nice. Actually seats 6 people and has a leaf in the center. I am going to give the one we have now to my daughter for when she moves out (eventually).


Still haven’t figured out what I want for a tattoo or even where I want it. I do have it down to 3 places though; back of left leg, back left shoulder blade or front right shoulder. I guess it will depend on what tattoo I decide on. I do like the idea of this one. 


Have a new bus crush (which is really just pretty face to look at). Least she has sat with me a few times and I her.

Again should have made notes about what to write.

Off to check my lotto tickets to see if I won again ($5 last week) then have coffee, and hopefully cut the grass today. And of course coffee.

Ciao xo



Another week where I did not end up rich at the end.

OK So another week has come and cone and a lot and not too much has happened here. I did realized recently that I usually rush my posts here and I am sure I don’t want to do that, I just want to get it out of my head and I can move on to more crap lol

OK so to start with, I still feel alone. It’s hard to feel like you’re there when the person you’re trying to talk to isn’t listening or doesn’t hear you.  It’s even more frustrating when they repeat what you said and its something totally different than what you said.

So today is suppose to be nice day out and me and my fiancé have gardening planned. Of course I am the first one up, but going to let it warm up a little before I move my ass outside and start working. I think we do need some plants as all we have out there now is weeds.

I finally got another game for me for the Xbox. I didn’t know they had a Game of Thrones video game. I hope it doesn’t suck. If so I did buy it used so wouldn’t be that bad.

I took yesterday off work (so I have a 4 day weekend) and did most of my to-do list. The only things I didn’t do were the ones where I needed someone else to help me.

Ok so I think that’s it for now (but I doubt it).

ciao xo

Maybe it’s me

Yeah, I am starting to think maybe it is me. Maybe I just don’t like to be poked and teased. Maybe I don’t like my bald spot to be rubbed and kissed.  Maybe I don’t like repeating my self hoping that I will be heard. Maybe I don’t like making supper all the time. Maybe I don’t like me legs being in pain. Maybe I am suffering from anxiety and depression. Maybe I don’t like asking for help cause I am too stubborn. Maybe I am an asshole (and yeah sometimes I like it).

Maybe it’s me, but sometimes maybe it’s you…

ciao xo

Gee, thanks

So been reading one of my friends comments recently about being in love and being in relationship’s and how she better alone. She may think it great but I guess she’s forgotten that she used to date me and I am pretty sure she remember how badly then she broke my heart. Of course I am over it now- but still her just mentioning it still stings just a little.

Ugh the Weekend


What a terrible day yesterday. The weather was miserable and my mood matched it. I decided to meet my fiancé after work and from there we would go on to the tattoo place for both of us to get tattoos. She also brought her friend from work. Now she had already decided on which tattoo she wanted so that was good (needed some changes but still fine). I on the other hand was still trying t think of one and since I had doubt in the one I was planning to get, I was working on another. Every time I mentioned something, my comments were ignored or passed over, Yeah I understood that she could have been too excited for her own tattoo too. In the end I passed the opportunity to get one. I wasn’t 100% sure so made perfect sense. Oh yeah the last thing I want is someone telling me what tattoo I should get and where I should put it.
I can tell you that I will get one and it will be when I am ready.
Actually I think I should have just gone home last night instead. I was tired and hungry so that’s not good. Oh and by the way I don’ t like having supper after 9 at night; I would rather just go to bed starved.
Think that’s all that’s bothering me at the moment…or at least for now.



Well yesterday, for the first time in almost 10 years I am debt free. No more monthly payments to the credit card company paying an exorbanent amount in interest charges.  This will now give me more money to spend on other things I would like lol. Oh and add this to my quitting smoking and yeah,  I am saving a lot of money now. My next plan is to pay off my home/car insurance in advance and compared to a mere few months ago I will have an additional $200 in my pockets J