Hockey Rant (Why I don’t like the Leafs)

Soon Facebook yesterday I posted this:

“I cheer for any team that plays against Toronto. Not that they are a bad team, but the arrogance and holier than though attitude of their fans make me sick.”

One of my long time friends bashed my team and out teams aren’t even playing each other yet. Then I got into an argument with 2 others. It was funny as one was saying how big a leaf fan hey were, but a while back when they dated me, they cheered on the Sens with me.

Anyways that’s that and just hope they don’t continue the discussion as I’m tired of it..

So yeah I am making supper this Sunday and just hope it turns out well and no one tries to help me without me asking them too. Too many cooks in the kitchen thing…spoils the broth or something like that.

Finally have someone coming to look at the fire insert tomorrow and really hope they take it, so that’s one more thing out of the basement.

As usual thought I had more, but its only the beginning of the long weekend.

Ciao xo


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