Oops- undercharged


So yesterday I took off on my own for some shopping as my fiancé wasn’t feeling well. I decided to hit the Tangier Mall where for those of you who don’t know. All the outlet stores are outside (FYI I live in Canada) so since it was a nice spring day off I went. SO looked at a few stores and walked past one called Lucky Brand, which I have never been to before. I saw some belts near the counter and since I was looking for one I picked one out that I liked. Wow and holy fuck $59.50 for a belt…even with 30% off $41.65 is a bit pricey but decided to splurge on myself. So get to the cash and she rings it up to $47.06 and I pay by interact. Something looks off when I enter in card info but I proceed anyways (remember I do have poor eye sight when it comes to reading at time. I get out side and look at the receipt…it says I was only charged $7.06. I check my banking on my phone and yep I paid $7.06 for the belt.

I did like the store, even though the prices were high. Maybe I will check out the normal store to see what they have there.

Next stop Nike and just got the normal 20% off outlet price and yah the interact was correct – oh well lol

FYI my app just told me I have now not smoked 500 cigarettes since quitting smoking yay!


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