Just a normal week…

I have always hated when things (electronic) don’t work the way they should. Last night we sat down to watch Riverdale and the dang blue ray player wouldn’t connect and let us watch it. I tried some trouble shooting and finally gave up and decided we could at least stream the feed from my iPad to the TV and it worked perfectly. After it ended I rebooted my router and everything worked fine (back as usual). I wish I would have done that to start with.

Surprisingly my fiancé made supper last night and I didn’t have to tell her what to make. I mean we have a freezer full of food all of which as easy to make.

So decided to have Easter at our place this year. Made sure my oldest daughter could come first before I invited my sister (ugh – hope she says no). As long as the cooking is left to me and people stay the heck out of mi kitchen everything will be fine.

I had a look in our back yard from upstairs- disgusting. I hope the rain washes most of the shit away or someone gets off their lazy ass and does something – yeah I have done my share but one can only do so much.

I want to go shopping today and want to buy something just don’t know what. I have bought a few shirts recently so don’t really need those and even bought a pair of dress pants after I threw 5 pair out (donated actually). Its cause for some reason my bank account is going up and up. Even though I am spending more on something’s other bills have gone down. Hopefully soon that one big bill I have has a zero balance.

I was going to bitch about something; most likely me telling my fiancé stuff and her not listening. Some times it really sucks when you have something you want to tell and then you look at them not paying attention, and you just decided to keep it you yourself.

That’s all for now, time to get more coffee.

Just realized I didn’t bitch about my coworkers or my leg pains…both are still there, maybe next week

Ciao xo

PS 35  days smoke free now, if anyone’s counting


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