Some people’s actions can just spoil your whole day.


OK so here we go where I thought I had a lot to say, but now as I sit here my mind draws blank.

I guess the first though is how some people can comment of something you do, which you thought you were rather proud of, and now it just seems like it doesn’t matter anymore. Ok I will spill the beans here. Our office had its year end this week and just like last year I kicked ass. My manager even came over to thank me in person – so yeah I did feel kinda special until I came home. Oh well as fringing usual.

Woo Hoo my phone just sent me an alert that I am now 4 weeks smoke free – again its something else that I can’ share cause some people thought I had quit smoking years ago. I’m surprised I don’t really have that many cravings as last time. I do know that if I do have one smoke I’ll be off to the store to buy a pack again and be really disappointed in myself.

I hate it how I let some people in and out of my life. Its only seems to be when I am needed. I do wish they lived closer so visiting would and could be more frequent and possible, 6-7 hours away is not a good thing. And even though I have only met them once I person, I do miss them.

Oh, you know that saying that people won’t notice until you stop doing it. Well I decided that I am not going to do the laundry today. I might do some (only so the things I need clean are cleaned) but other than that where does it say it’s my responsibility. 

Ok I think that’s it at least for now. 

Ciao xo




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