Just bit of Luck

Game-Books-StormSo this afternoon I was bored so I decided to take my bag of old clothes to Value Village to drop off. After I dropped off the bag I decided to go in and have a look just to see what they had.
I had a quick look at the tops and didn’t see anything that caught my eye; then a peek at he dress pants and again nothing.
So just before I was about to leave I was looking in the book section and wondered if they had any Game of Thrones books. I immediately saw 3 of the books all together and thought to myself. “Wow, too bad they didn’t have the other 2”. No sooner then I thought that, then looked at the next shelf lower and there they were. Of course I couldn’t say no. I had a 30% off coupon in my wallet and it was buy 4 books and get the fifth one free. I have already read the books , but for some titles its like having trophies of your accomplishments. I was very happy with my purchase.



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