Got an Xbox for my daughter (and me)

IMG_0636 (Edited)

So yeah after years of being asked I finally broke down and bought am xbox one for my daughter. Yeah ok I did buy a little of it for myself too, cause after all these yeas of not gaming I think I deserve one. Gunny thing is though when I got my last console, it too like 5 minutes to hook up, inserted a disk and started to play the game. Last night it was like 5 minutes to hook up, install and update this game after you enter a 16 digit code and of course there was the update you had to install so that took like an hour. I started around 7 and by 930/10 we were finally playing. Luckily it also connects to Neflix, so I can keep it upstairs (plus it wouldn’t connect to the old tube TV).

Well going to go and try and figure it out some more. Hope I don’t get gaming thumb lol

Ciao xo


The zip feels gone

I don’t know where it went, or when but all I do know its not there any more. You know that saying about looking at your cell phone and smile, well right now I look at my cell phone and roll my eyes. I don’t know what’s missing. I do know that everything she does can get on my nerves and she seeks to know every button to push. I know that this is something she’s not doing on purpose. There used to be a time when I was happy to see her; now not so much.


oh well I’ve dug my own grave here.


Hockey Rant (Why I don’t like the Leafs)

Soon Facebook yesterday I posted this:

“I cheer for any team that plays against Toronto. Not that they are a bad team, but the arrogance and holier than though attitude of their fans make me sick.”

One of my long time friends bashed my team and out teams aren’t even playing each other yet. Then I got into an argument with 2 others. It was funny as one was saying how big a leaf fan hey were, but a while back when they dated me, they cheered on the Sens with me.

Anyways that’s that and just hope they don’t continue the discussion as I’m tired of it..

So yeah I am making supper this Sunday and just hope it turns out well and no one tries to help me without me asking them too. Too many cooks in the kitchen thing…spoils the broth or something like that.

Finally have someone coming to look at the fire insert tomorrow and really hope they take it, so that’s one more thing out of the basement.

As usual thought I had more, but its only the beginning of the long weekend.

Ciao xo

Oops- undercharged


So yesterday I took off on my own for some shopping as my fiancé wasn’t feeling well. I decided to hit the Tangier Mall where for those of you who don’t know. All the outlet stores are outside (FYI I live in Canada) so since it was a nice spring day off I went. SO looked at a few stores and walked past one called Lucky Brand, which I have never been to before. I saw some belts near the counter and since I was looking for one I picked one out that I liked. Wow and holy fuck $59.50 for a belt…even with 30% off $41.65 is a bit pricey but decided to splurge on myself. So get to the cash and she rings it up to $47.06 and I pay by interact. Something looks off when I enter in card info but I proceed anyways (remember I do have poor eye sight when it comes to reading at time. I get out side and look at the receipt…it says I was only charged $7.06. I check my banking on my phone and yep I paid $7.06 for the belt.

I did like the store, even though the prices were high. Maybe I will check out the normal store to see what they have there.

Next stop Nike and just got the normal 20% off outlet price and yah the interact was correct – oh well lol

FYI my app just told me I have now not smoked 500 cigarettes since quitting smoking yay!

Just a normal week…

I have always hated when things (electronic) don’t work the way they should. Last night we sat down to watch Riverdale and the dang blue ray player wouldn’t connect and let us watch it. I tried some trouble shooting and finally gave up and decided we could at least stream the feed from my iPad to the TV and it worked perfectly. After it ended I rebooted my router and everything worked fine (back as usual). I wish I would have done that to start with.

Surprisingly my fiancé made supper last night and I didn’t have to tell her what to make. I mean we have a freezer full of food all of which as easy to make.

So decided to have Easter at our place this year. Made sure my oldest daughter could come first before I invited my sister (ugh – hope she says no). As long as the cooking is left to me and people stay the heck out of mi kitchen everything will be fine.

I had a look in our back yard from upstairs- disgusting. I hope the rain washes most of the shit away or someone gets off their lazy ass and does something – yeah I have done my share but one can only do so much.

I want to go shopping today and want to buy something just don’t know what. I have bought a few shirts recently so don’t really need those and even bought a pair of dress pants after I threw 5 pair out (donated actually). Its cause for some reason my bank account is going up and up. Even though I am spending more on something’s other bills have gone down. Hopefully soon that one big bill I have has a zero balance.

I was going to bitch about something; most likely me telling my fiancé stuff and her not listening. Some times it really sucks when you have something you want to tell and then you look at them not paying attention, and you just decided to keep it you yourself.

That’s all for now, time to get more coffee.

Just realized I didn’t bitch about my coworkers or my leg pains…both are still there, maybe next week

Ciao xo

PS 35  days smoke free now, if anyone’s counting

Thanks for supper:bitch

So after Frances episode with her father on Sunday and since she was really upset, she went straight to bed once she got home. Of course I made supper as I normally would, not expecting this to have happened, Since she slept most of the afternoon, she was up late Sunday night and stayed home from work on Monday. So when I came home from work Monday as soon as I walked in the door, she texted me from upstairs saying “no supper for her as she’ll have leftovers” Seriously what fuck!!! She could have made supper for me. Anyways I replied back saying that I wasn’t going to make her supper anyways.

I’m really starting to think she is just that lazy. I just realized that I am making supper now, and if she doesn’t eat I am going to claim the leftovers for myself tomorrow haha


Just bit of Luck

Game-Books-StormSo this afternoon I was bored so I decided to take my bag of old clothes to Value Village to drop off. After I dropped off the bag I decided to go in and have a look just to see what they had.
I had a quick look at the tops and didn’t see anything that caught my eye; then a peek at he dress pants and again nothing.
So just before I was about to leave I was looking in the book section and wondered if they had any Game of Thrones books. I immediately saw 3 of the books all together and thought to myself. “Wow, too bad they didn’t have the other 2”. No sooner then I thought that, then looked at the next shelf lower and there they were. Of course I couldn’t say no. I had a 30% off coupon in my wallet and it was buy 4 books and get the fifth one free. I have already read the books , but for some titles its like having trophies of your accomplishments. I was very happy with my purchase.