Todays the Day


So yeah today is the day I set as my quit date. I have one smoke left in my pack that I have to smoke by 7. I should have a shower soon after that so I can put the patch on me. I think as long as I can keep busy will be fine. I am sure the house is going to look super clean though lol – I just haven’t decided if I am going to reward myself with anything…maybe not, living longer is a gift in itself.

Going to go look at New Look today for the 2 for 1 glasses, My optometrist gave me a prescription for reading glasses and I was thinking getting 2 pairs one for work where I need them most and one for home in case I want to read an actual paperback book.

Other things to do today while I’m out is look at plans and maybe purchase an iPhone 6s, but only if the plan is the same or better than the one I have now.

Took another big fall on some ice Friday, of course I was sore but I got better. It was kinda nice 2 people helping me up though cause I really couldn’t stand for a minute. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t on work property and was told to either fall on work property or lie about falling on work property.

Well off I go to have my last butt (hopefully), wish me luck.


Ciao xo


P.S, I just found out I have 2 lef




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