February 29th, 2017


OK yeah I know that’s not the right day but still I am sure if I was at work I would write that date at least once lol.
So yeah I took the day off as I have an eye appointment in the middle of the day and wouldn’t make sense to go in and leave early and of course coming in after the appointment would b pointless as I would be temporarily blind from the drops. Its cloudy/rainy today so that’s a plus for my eyes. I do kinda hope I get a prescription to help my eyes. They’re not that bad but at times I think I need more than just generic glasses +1 or +1.25 off the shelf. I guess we’ll find out in a few hours. It did feel nice to sleep in till almost 7. Of course I woke up to my alarm to call in sick at 5:30 (one thing off my to do list lol) The other things I wold like to do is going to Giant Tiger and drop 2 bags off at Value Village. Maybe Value Village can wait till the weekend.

One thing that I do have planned for the weekend is to quit smoking (yeah I said it out loud). I have been thinking about it for a while and downloaded the app and bought the patch so hopefully I can do it and no one will stress me out enough that I breakdown and buy a pack. I am crossing my fingers and I think I would be saving about $36 to $48 a week…just don’t know what I will spend it on; more clothes maybe? Of course haven’t told anyone about this cause most I think don’t even know I smoke. I am doing it for myself.

Wish me luck, ciao xo



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