Just Another Weekend

Yeah I don’t wan to start sounding like a broken record but its still going on. By the end of a work day am limping my way home. Had another frustrating, and busy week.

My fiancé decided to make supper for my daughter and myself. She basically made everything my daughter didn’t like and she even knew that was the vegetable (Brussels sprouts). We should have had our fast food night that night instead. At least my daughter wouldn’t have filled up with chips.

Guess what, it’s the third weekend my fiancé is doing something and leaving me alone L I hope this isn’t a regular thing cause I do get lonely. Least I can go to bd when I like and not have to worry about what to have for supper.

Oh new rule for me. If I am talking and someone cuts me off I immediately stop talking and won’t continue with what I was saying. Obviously what I have to say isn’t important to them so why should I bother.

I have started my spring cleaning of my winter clothes and already have a small box ready to donate somewhere. I still have to go through my pants. I have 7 pair and rarely where them. Of course I do have to keep maybe 2-3 but in reality is more like 1-2 (one for my suit in case I need to wear one and the other jut in case. Now if they don’t all fit, I guess I am screwed.

Even though it snowed yesterday, I am thinking I can start to put some of my winter stuff away. Not all of it cause with my luck it would drop to minus 20 and we’d get 20 more centimetres of snow.

Yeah of course as usual I thought I had lot to say, but now that I sit down my mind draws blank.

Guess I’ll g and try and be productive.

Ciao xo

P.S. three weeks smoke free with very few cravings and I know the triggers for them too lol Yay me!!IMG_0513




I hate waiting the whole day to get home to be with my family, only to be met with laziness…as usual. I’m sorry I don’t want to have supper at 8 at night. I’m sorry I don’t want to ALWAYS have to decide what to have for supper. I hope to god she has a brain and can think for herself and decide for us what to make.  #stressedtothemax

Thanks for supper:bitch

So after Frances episode with her father on Sunday and since she was really upset, she went straight to bed once she got home. Of course I made supper as I normally would, not expecting this to have happened, Since she slept most of the afternoon, she was up late Sunday night and stayed home from work on Monday. So when I came home from work Monday as soon as I walked in the door, she texted me from upstairs saying “no supper for her as she’ll have leftovers” Seriously what fuck!!! She could have made supper for me. Anyways I replied back saying that I wasn’t going to make her supper anyways.

I’m really starting to think she is just that lazy. I just realized that I am making supper now, and if she doesn’t eat I am going to claim the leftovers for myself tomorrow haha


Yay Still Doing It

indexSo yesterday made it through my toughest temptation yet. Being in a car with someone who was smoking. Didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Of course my car smelled like smoke (of course). I guess in a few months I’ll just tell them “Sorry, no smoking in the car”.

I actually had a dream last night that I bought a pack. I guess its good (this time) it was just a dream. I’m wondering where Molly and Karen-doesn’t-Dance are; they both looked like interesting people.

Another freezing day here, and once I wake up and get ready it looks likes I am off to the grocery store alone again. At least I have a list ready, but as usual there will be something I forget.

ciao xo





One Week already.



Wow! made it one week smoke free. I actually surprised myself too, and even though I was tempted and stressed by family and work; I made it this far with thanks to the patch.
Surprisingly only one of my friends know, and 2 of my coworkers. One at least has shown some interest in my quitting, the other one of course doesn’t give a damn.
I have to admit I do like the weird dreams. I guess that’s one of the other perks about quitting.
Today my fiancé is having her aunt and a couple cousins over and of course they all and will speak French while they are here so it fives me the perfect chance to get out and hopefully do everything I would like to. One thing on the top of the list is get my glasses . Then hopefully I will be able to do some successful shopping for some nice clothes (pants). I was also thinking about getting a new phone (iPhone 6s). Guess will see when I get back later on – if my anxiety doesn’t get the best of me.
Not sure what else I was going to say, but can’t be too important, so not going to worry much about it.
Off I go in about an hour. Wish me luck xo


In one ear

I’m not surprised anymore or shocked. I say something to my fiancé and I might as well be taking to myself. I tell her stuff and she either mishears me or doesn’t hear me st all. I’m not sure which is worse. 😟


Heck I have them all

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • nausia
  • headaches
  • grumpiness

I hope they go away soon, I’m turning into an asshole with almost everyone 😦