Ice, ice baby

indexSo my body took a toll this week, Fell twice once on the ice. One the way to work and once at a work off a chair when I was trying to move it. I think I was more embarrassed when I fell off the chair as there were people around. At least the 2 that were right there with me asked if I was OK. Of course I lied and said yes.

Well learning a lot about Windows 10 this morning and I’m not quite awake yet either. Doing a cheat this morning. Going to write my post in word, run a spell check and then copy and past to my blog. Its really not a cheat, just corrects some of the minor things for me lol.

Well I think I sold the mantle from my fiancés fathers place. I know it came with an insert but they didn’t want it, and I just want to get it the heck out of my basement. I just hope the lady doesn’t message me telling me they decided against it or something like that.

Oh we are definitely hooked on the Neflix show Riverdale.  Too bad it is only released once a week, but in a way that’s good otherwise we’d be watching 2-3 shows a night when we don’t have my daughter.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now, hope the snow melts a lot today and that I don’t fall on my ass on the ice lol

So logged off and then I remembered more I was going to say. I am currently trying to get my debts down to zero. A few months a go I owed more than $5, 000 in debt. IO received some back pay from the gov’t and now its under $2, 000. I removed a surcharge that was on a credit card (that was more like insurance fee) and my monthly bill is now $55 a month as opposed to close to $200 a month. Also removed a $11 charge from my cell phone. of course I added a $4 charge for a faster router; cause I think I deserved it. In a few more months I expect that debt to be gone and will cancel that card all together. Just hope now that I don’t have to pay a lot or anything on my taxes…guess we’re going to have to file a joint return next year.

OK now I believe I am done.


Ok so logged


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