Weekly report for lack of better name…

Well again its too early and I failed sleeping in even with the light on my alarm clock turned off. Of course I forgot most of what I was going to say.

We got lots of snow this week, something like 50 cm and now its going to melt and make everything slippery. I know his cause when I let the dog out the back steps were a bit icy. I guess i will salt the front steps once the sun comes out.

Almost got hit by a van in the parking lot Tuesday. Idiot didn’t clear off his windows so couldn’t see me. I wiped off his passenger window and banged on it and gave him a WTF look. At lease he opened is door and said sorry to me. When I looked back he was clearing off the windows – so I guess he got my point.Before he backed into anyone else.

Well finally have my nook set up here. Went to IKEA and bought a shelf for the printer and a new desk that’s just for the laptop. I think it looks great and now if only I cab relax and create something to read. I have ideas of course, but just need the time and motivation to sit down and right like I used to be able to do a couple years back.

Oh. I also gave in to myself and bought the Game of Thrones RISK game- now just need to re-learn the game and of course find someone to play it with…someone who preferably want to play it.

My thighs are still sore 😦 the pain comes and goes at different levels at different times and no two days in a row are the same.

I guess that’s all I had to say. I don’t know anyone reads these or not so not sure why to write other than to talk to myself. I could do a back then and attempt to write blrups about my past as I remember them. Th\t could be good and bad but at the same time very interesting.

Ok going to go add more caffeine to myself and start the laundry – the girls actually have stuff they want to do, and things they want me to buy for them lol

ciao xo


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