Ugh! It’s too early

Sadly I am awake way too early on a Saturday,earlier than usual.Laundry is already in for the first load and looks like I’ll have time to finish it all before I have to leave to get my tires changed (planning on laving about 930ish maybe a bit sooner as there’s white crap on  my car). After that come home and either go out again with my fiance again somewhere? and do my “to do” list.

My to do list today is hang the sword my daughter bought me, and put together the desk I bought last night. I think is going to look really nice. I was hoping to have sold my current desk right away, but guess I’ll have to put it in the basement with all the other crap I want to sell. Looks like I might need help bringing it down the stairs.

I still have an ample amount left in my account after dropping $192 at Ikea last night. desk was $59 but then bought a comforter for the bed and some new mats for the bathroom. I was thinking about a new dining set but I doubt it would fit in my car.Maybe I should save some money and not spend it all. but there are a few more things I need like new shoes and sunglasses, and of course new clothes my be nice too.

I guess that’s all I have to rant about for now.

My goal for the day is not to loose my temper at stupid people – I am crossing my fingers on that lol

ciao xo



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