Well to to start with I am not too impressed with my sister. Its no secret that I don’t like her, and I think everyone knows that but her.My fiance is planning my upcoming birthday supper, and after I chose the restaurant I gave implicit instructions that she was not to be invited. The other night my fiance gets a text from my mother saying that my sister is coming too. WTF  wow what a way to ruin the day. I old my mother how I feel about my dive center of attention sister and how I did not want her there. Turns out she wanted to come- without an invitation. I did tell my mother that next year she is not invited, and if she shows up I WILL LEAVE.

So I have always been a desktop computer sort of person, but since I bought myself me dell laptop I have been using this 99% of the time; only going to the desktop to either transfer stuff over or to back stuff up. I think I am now ready to box up the desktop and put it in a box down stairs. I wonder how my fiance will react as she hardly uses her laptop due to hardware issues I’m not able to fix (FYI- I am planning on buying her a new one for her birthday).

That brings me to the third part of my post. With my job giving us retro pay, I have been able to put a huge chunk of money towards one of my credit cards – so I am not paying an overage charge any more and the monthly bills will be more manageable. I paid a smaller credit card off all together. And my third one I have used and manged to have  zero balance most of the time.IF I get the amount I hope I am getting, the big debt will be paid off and the card cancelled. I may cancel the store credit card too.I will obviously keep one and hopefully have learned my lesson about debt.I am also entertaining the idea of getting a new car. Well maybe not a 2016/2017 but perhaps 2014-2015. I guess time will tell and fingers crossed.

Thats it, thats all time to get caffeinated and do stuff like laundry and back up the desktop.

Ciao xo


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