Fare thee well …


Know what’s pretty sad? This morning I was looking at all the movies I have saved on my computer and there is a fair bit of kids movies. Some of these I’ve seen before and some of them I downloaded to see in the future. I realize that most of the ones I downloaded (for my daughter) to see in the future most likely I’ll never watch or my daughter may have already seen them in the theatre so won’t want to watch them again or watch them with me.

What’s even sadder is that she would rather play on her computer than watch one of these with me. Ugh the joys of watching your kids get older 😦


This is where I write.


I know it’s not a private office, but it’s my little nook in the living room. I bought the desk and the shelf from IKEA as presents to myself and due to the fact my new printer won’t fit on the old shelf. I like it so that’s what’s important.

Ice, ice baby

indexSo my body took a toll this week, Fell twice once on the ice. One the way to work and once at a work off a chair when I was trying to move it. I think I was more embarrassed when I fell off the chair as there were people around. At least the 2 that were right there with me asked if I was OK. Of course I lied and said yes.

Well learning a lot about Windows 10 this morning and I’m not quite awake yet either. Doing a cheat this morning. Going to write my post in word, run a spell check and then copy and past to my blog. Its really not a cheat, just corrects some of the minor things for me lol.

Well I think I sold the mantle from my fiancés fathers place. I know it came with an insert but they didn’t want it, and I just want to get it the heck out of my basement. I just hope the lady doesn’t message me telling me they decided against it or something like that.

Oh we are definitely hooked on the Neflix show Riverdale.  Too bad it is only released once a week, but in a way that’s good otherwise we’d be watching 2-3 shows a night when we don’t have my daughter.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now, hope the snow melts a lot today and that I don’t fall on my ass on the ice lol

So logged off and then I remembered more I was going to say. I am currently trying to get my debts down to zero. A few months a go I owed more than $5, 000 in debt. IO received some back pay from the gov’t and now its under $2, 000. I removed a surcharge that was on a credit card (that was more like insurance fee) and my monthly bill is now $55 a month as opposed to close to $200 a month. Also removed a $11 charge from my cell phone. of course I added a $4 charge for a faster router; cause I think I deserved it. In a few more months I expect that debt to be gone and will cancel that card all together. Just hope now that I don’t have to pay a lot or anything on my taxes…guess we’re going to have to file a joint return next year.

OK now I believe I am done.


Ok so logged

How weird is this…

Last night when I was going to bed, I thought of someone used to like and am still friends with. Literally within a minute, they sent me a text message. Was about my daughter and bully’s though. But still weird.Maybe I’ll try to think of them again tonight and see what happens.

Weekly report for lack of better name…

Well again its too early and I failed sleeping in even with the light on my alarm clock turned off. Of course I forgot most of what I was going to say.

We got lots of snow this week, something like 50 cm and now its going to melt and make everything slippery. I know his cause when I let the dog out the back steps were a bit icy. I guess i will salt the front steps once the sun comes out.

Almost got hit by a van in the parking lot Tuesday. Idiot didn’t clear off his windows so couldn’t see me. I wiped off his passenger window and banged on it and gave him a WTF look. At lease he opened is door and said sorry to me. When I looked back he was clearing off the windows – so I guess he got my point.Before he backed into anyone else.

Well finally have my nook set up here. Went to IKEA and bought a shelf for the printer and a new desk that’s just for the laptop. I think it looks great and now if only I cab relax and create something to read. I have ideas of course, but just need the time and motivation to sit down and right like I used to be able to do a couple years back.

Oh. I also gave in to myself and bought the Game of Thrones RISK game- now just need to re-learn the game and of course find someone to play it with…someone who preferably want to play it.

My thighs are still sore 😦 the pain comes and goes at different levels at different times and no two days in a row are the same.

I guess that’s all I had to say. I don’t know anyone reads these or not so not sure why to write other than to talk to myself. I could do a back then and attempt to write blrups about my past as I remember them. Th\t could be good and bad but at the same time very interesting.

Ok going to go add more caffeine to myself and start the laundry – the girls actually have stuff they want to do, and things they want me to buy for them lol

ciao xo

Ugh! It’s too early

Sadly I am awake way too early on a Saturday,earlier than usual.Laundry is already in for the first load and looks like I’ll have time to finish it all before I have to leave to get my tires changed (planning on laving about 930ish maybe a bit sooner as there’s white crap on  my car). After that come home and either go out again with my fiance again somewhere? and do my “to do” list.

My to do list today is hang the sword my daughter bought me, and put together the desk I bought last night. I think is going to look really nice. I was hoping to have sold my current desk right away, but guess I’ll have to put it in the basement with all the other crap I want to sell. Looks like I might need help bringing it down the stairs.

I still have an ample amount left in my account after dropping $192 at Ikea last night. desk was $59 but then bought a comforter for the bed and some new mats for the bathroom. I was thinking about a new dining set but I doubt it would fit in my car.Maybe I should save some money and not spend it all. but there are a few more things I need like new shoes and sunglasses, and of course new clothes my be nice too.

I guess that’s all I have to rant about for now.

My goal for the day is not to loose my temper at stupid people – I am crossing my fingers on that lol

ciao xo



Well my birthday dinner went pretty well last night. My sister was sick and didn’t show up. And as per usual no one listened to me. I was having a conversation with my mother and in literally mid-sentence, she started talking to someone else. I had a few things I was going to say but I guess she wasn’t interested in what I had to say.

Over all my day was good until I went to go home.
First the bus just drove by without picking me up.
Took the wrong bus home…well maybe not the wrong bus, but one that went the long way home.
Get home and my fiance asked me what was going on? I only knew where we were going and had no idea about a time.
My phone started acting up on me so had t deal with that – ugh
Oh and last but not least; supper mad me sick so was up part of the night and woke with a sore stomach – but least I called in sick – cause I deserved it (least I think so). I jusr wonder nw how much of my work won’t be done when I return to work tomorrow 😦

At least this morning I am having a semi productive day.
New HP printer is set up and works for both scanning and printing
Deadpool poster my daughter gave me is on he wall – in all honesty before buying art for someone, they should check with them first. I mean I like the poster but had to find a place to put it. I ended up taking another old one (from Giant Tiger) down.
All I need to do now is put up the Celtic Sword from Green Earth on the wall, Unfortunately the walls here are thin so just hope it will be able to support the weight.
And Thor (from my youngest daughter) is on the shelf with his 2 other Avenger buddies lol.

I think that’s all I have to whine and complain about for now, I am sure more will come up through the day lol

Peace out all xo