vector-of-a-scared-man-jumping-back-from-exploding-laptop-computer-by-gnurf-41One of the most frustrating things about laptops is when you want to do something on them, but only have them do an automatic update ad you have to wait for it. I guess mine had a big one to do yesterday afternoon and took a very. very long time. So long that I even had a nap while I was waiting for it lol.

Then only to be more frustrating is that the sound didn’t work (frik), and of course I needed the sound cause I wanted to listen to something on YouTube.So into the device manager I go. Update driver, reboot, remove driver, reboot, contemplate throwing laptop out window, reboot. Well you get the idea. It may have taken me a while but I got it working; yay me lol. And even better it was still working this morning too.

I guess one of the next things I will be doing is removing one of the antivirus programs as the 2 I do have are conflicting with each other – bu at least I don’t have a virus yet. I did come close to the one where it tries to high jack your computer, but downloaded a cure directly from the windows site.

OK time to put more coffee into me and see what the day will bring. I think I am starting to get addicted o blogging again, Shhhh

Running away now ciao xo



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