Work Peoples

16174589_1498295926862347_4932481777315738705_nSo yeah at work we are suppose to be a team and work well together. Well that is thr furthest thing from the truth. Sure in the end we get our work done (eventually), but I don’t feel like a member of the team. Everyone on the team (except me) currently sleeps with men. Not that I am anti gay, its just a funny fact. I don’t hate gays at all. I so hate one of my coworkers; not that he is gay, but be cause he is a fucking idiot, and annoying as well (I can only listen to so much talk about knitting). Plus there is the fact that they take 30 minute breaks (when they should be 15) and 45minute lunches ALL THE TIME. Sure my lunched my be around 40 minutes, but I usually have shorter breaks to make up for it (that’s fair, right?).

I guess one good thing is that I don’t socialize with them and they leave me alone. Yeah some days I talk more to the cleaning staff or the ladies serving me at Timmies than them. But I can live with the silence, but it would be nice to have an actual friend at work. Maybe when they hire the replacement for the girl that’s leaving I will, and not trying to be homophobic – I hope they are not gay.

I know I said it before I am NOT anti-gay, just anti-idiot.


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