Worth Reading

OK so this in not my work and to be honest I don’t know who wrote it. It was sent to me in either 2007/2008 when I going through a rough patch. I recently found it when I was going through documents on my old computer. And rather than rant on, here it is:

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past ~stop planning the future ~stop trying to figure it out precisely how we feel ~ stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel ~ Sometimes we just have to go with…

“Whatever happens-happens”

You can plan a party, plan your tomorrow.. do that kind of stuff.. Think about what you want to do in life or even tomorrow.. stuff like that

Never put expectations on yourself. Please don’t. As much as you want to do something.. And that I believe in you all you are doing, doing it all and so much more.. I know that you (and I too) want to be the best you can be. And you are doing so well.. I know it and you know it. Never set expectations . I mean of course you naturally want to.. We all do.. But don’t try to predict any outcome baby.

Just give it your all. When you can, however you can..with what you can..Do what you believe is in the best interest of YOU. Don’t allow anyone else bring you down. Don’t let anyone else dictate the rules to you. Keep that free spirit and just do it.. try the best you can.. keep true to yourself. It might take longer..
it might go one step back ,2 forward and the cycle repeats itself. But take it day by day.

Don’t get frustrated with yourself or others.. But mostly right now with yourself ,if you can’t always keep up with the deals you made with yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t get disappointed with yourself..

Remember to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say.. I deserve all that today offers me. I will do my best. Love myself. Be true to me. Step by step. Do it my way but just do it..




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