Yup ugh

Well I’ve decided I am lonely. I hate coming home with a mindful of conversation, and when I arrive I say nothing or no one hears what I say. Of course if they do, there’s no reaction or reply.

Ugh I am getting some of that numbness back that I had a couple years ago; only this time it’s in my left hand and arm. I feel it most in my thumb and 2 fingers. I can deal with it but it’s annoying and hope it passes soon. That and the leg pains/sensations that I am experiencing. Maybe I am just getting old or have some sort of virus. Maybe I really should see a doctor – just scared of what hey will tell me. I am also going to TRY and add more commentary (with or without pictures)  might help me in my writing?

Not sure how this is working but for my Facebook posts I decided not to bitch about my idiot coworker cause thinking about it is just too draining. I mean really I did his job this week as well as mine and managed to get both done.

OK just short and sweet today and I’m going back to drinking coffee and doing laundry.




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