The good and the bad…

The other night at supper my ex dropped a bombshell on all of our family. Turns out my youngest is NOT going to Europe after all. The teacher deemed her to (for lack of better words) too immature to go. They said she wouldn’t be comfortable going through customs and my hold up the trip. I disagree of course, even though she is a bit young for her age. 

I am glad she’s not going with all that’s going wrong with the world, but st the same time sad that she’s going to miss out on this amazing experience. 

Will have to see what’s going on though. Maybe there’s a chance she can still go (but deep down I hope not) 



Well before going to bed last night I had thought of a lot I wanted to say and blog about. Of course I forgot most of it lol. I know I wanted to blog about my customer service experience, and I did in its own separate blog (previous to this one).

One good thing that happened is that my manager brought me aside and expressed his concerns on how I looked stressed, and I am since I am the only one not taking extended breaks or lunches and I actually take shorter ones in attempt to keep up with my work. Normally I get all my work done by the end of the day, but the last 2 days I have left work (not a lot), but its one of those weeks where I had a hard time keeping up since there is more than usual – and of course I am getting no help with it at all.

I beat a bit of my anxiety yesterday, instead of just thinking of upgrading my router, I actually went out and did it. Of course it was in the back of my mind a few weeks, I actually went out and did it. Yay me! Now I wonder what I am going to do to amaze myself next lol.

Ok since I’m only 68% awake and 50% caffeinated,  I’m off  to change the load of laundry, get more coffee and just chill for a bit.



Customer Service


OK to start with the picture anything to do with my experience night with an customer service rep at Rogers internet last night. Normally I don’t say anything after I call a customer service department. But the guy I spoke to last night was great. Not only r than did he fix my problem but was very sociable during the dead times when I had to reboot my computer and the new router. Rather than just sit there quietly during these dead times, he filled it with mild chit-chat to make the time seem to go quicker.

I was so pleased I even tweeted Rogers to let them know how pleased I was. I would love to speak to him again if I had any further issues. Too bad I didn’t get his name.


vector-of-a-scared-man-jumping-back-from-exploding-laptop-computer-by-gnurf-41One of the most frustrating things about laptops is when you want to do something on them, but only have them do an automatic update ad you have to wait for it. I guess mine had a big one to do yesterday afternoon and took a very. very long time. So long that I even had a nap while I was waiting for it lol.

Then only to be more frustrating is that the sound didn’t work (frik), and of course I needed the sound cause I wanted to listen to something on YouTube.So into the device manager I go. Update driver, reboot, remove driver, reboot, contemplate throwing laptop out window, reboot. Well you get the idea. It may have taken me a while but I got it working; yay me lol. And even better it was still working this morning too.

I guess one of the next things I will be doing is removing one of the antivirus programs as the 2 I do have are conflicting with each other – bu at least I don’t have a virus yet. I did come close to the one where it tries to high jack your computer, but downloaded a cure directly from the windows site.

OK time to put more coffee into me and see what the day will bring. I think I am starting to get addicted o blogging again, Shhhh

Running away now ciao xo


Work Peoples

16174589_1498295926862347_4932481777315738705_nSo yeah at work we are suppose to be a team and work well together. Well that is thr furthest thing from the truth. Sure in the end we get our work done (eventually), but I don’t feel like a member of the team. Everyone on the team (except me) currently sleeps with men. Not that I am anti gay, its just a funny fact. I don’t hate gays at all. I so hate one of my coworkers; not that he is gay, but be cause he is a fucking idiot, and annoying as well (I can only listen to so much talk about knitting). Plus there is the fact that they take 30 minute breaks (when they should be 15) and 45minute lunches ALL THE TIME. Sure my lunched my be around 40 minutes, but I usually have shorter breaks to make up for it (that’s fair, right?).

I guess one good thing is that I don’t socialize with them and they leave me alone. Yeah some days I talk more to the cleaning staff or the ladies serving me at Timmies than them. But I can live with the silence, but it would be nice to have an actual friend at work. Maybe when they hire the replacement for the girl that’s leaving I will, and not trying to be homophobic – I hope they are not gay.

I know I said it before I am NOT anti-gay, just anti-idiot.

Worth Reading

OK so this in not my work and to be honest I don’t know who wrote it. It was sent to me in either 2007/2008 when I going through a rough patch. I recently found it when I was going through documents on my old computer. And rather than rant on, here it is:

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past ~stop planning the future ~stop trying to figure it out precisely how we feel ~ stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel ~ Sometimes we just have to go with…

“Whatever happens-happens”

You can plan a party, plan your tomorrow.. do that kind of stuff.. Think about what you want to do in life or even tomorrow.. stuff like that

Never put expectations on yourself. Please don’t. As much as you want to do something.. And that I believe in you all you are doing, doing it all and so much more.. I know that you (and I too) want to be the best you can be. And you are doing so well.. I know it and you know it. Never set expectations . I mean of course you naturally want to.. We all do.. But don’t try to predict any outcome baby.

Just give it your all. When you can, however you can..with what you can..Do what you believe is in the best interest of YOU. Don’t allow anyone else bring you down. Don’t let anyone else dictate the rules to you. Keep that free spirit and just do it.. try the best you can.. keep true to yourself. It might take longer..
it might go one step back ,2 forward and the cycle repeats itself. But take it day by day.

Don’t get frustrated with yourself or others.. But mostly right now with yourself ,if you can’t always keep up with the deals you made with yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t get disappointed with yourself..

Remember to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say.. I deserve all that today offers me. I will do my best. Love myself. Be true to me. Step by step. Do it my way but just do it..



Ontario E-test


Has this happened to anyone else (in Ontario, Canada)? You get your plate renewal in the mail and it states you need an e-test. So you go get the e-test done.Then when you go to enter your information at Service Ontario online, it then says an e-test in NOT required…WTH? Does that mean I didn’t have to pay the $33 for the e-test??