The End (of 2016)

Well its the end of  and here I sit drinking coffee and waiting for the laundry/dryer cycles to finish. No plans for the night so looks like we are going to sty in. Just as well as the roads are suppose to be pretty bad .

Looking back at this year I guess I felt alone too much and too often. I guess my health has been a concern too. My legs muscles hurt and getting a numbness in my left hand again, and I am hoping this will pass soon.

Definitely going to try being a better person next year, TRY being the key work. Bitch at people just drains my energy on things I cannot control.

Not a too bad job of typing and didn’t have too many errors to correct…and didn’t delete my post before I was done lol

That’s all I have for his year, talk to you next year xo



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