Merry Christmas

Well here it is Christmas moring and I’m wide awake having coffee as usual trying to get used to the dang keyboard. i think I m getting better so thats good.

Almost didn’t have coffee this morning. SOMEONE cleaned the kerig yesterday with vinegar, and didn’t rinse it properly  it wasn’t me), so when I made my first cup and added milk, it curdled on me ewww. So I had to rinse it out and run through  few cycles before I was able to have a non-curdled cup of coffee.

Not sure when the fiance is getting up but I do know I have to pick up the kids at noon. After that back here and open presents YAY! I just hope that there are a few surprises and everyone is more than happy with what they got.

Not sure my eldest is coming with us when we go to my aunts place since she has to work tomorrow for the boxing day sales. So that leaves me and the little one as my fiance is going to her aunts and I refuse to be ignored for hours while they all speak french. Even though I do speak some its not really enough to be really involved in any conversations, and its even worse for my daughter as she doesn’t speak french at all and there are not kids her age for her to play with. So for us its either shopping or off to the movies….or both.

Well enough rant for not going to make more coffee (hopefully without being curdled) and find something to watch until someone else wakes up.




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