Just stuff…

Well somehow I just deleted 3 praraphs and now I have to start again UGH!

Decided to give myself the dsy off today. my coworkers have been driving me nuts and rather than kill them, I decided to stay home and drink coffee. Seriously thought though they have been putting me in a worse mood than usual…maybe the holiday aren’t helping either.

Plans today: Maybe I’ll go to the store just to look and see if I can find any last minute gifts for me or anyone else. Maybe I’ll go see Rogue One, and if not I’ll go see it next week with my daughter. That is if the weather isn’t too bad, just hearing on the news we are expecting a storm on boxing day and Tuesday as well 0.

Well I’m till using my laptop and think I only used my desktop once or twice- but that was just to transfer data to my laptop. Still getting used to the keyboard, and i\ am sure them more I use it the better i will get lol.

OK that’s all I have for now Merry Christmas all




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