December 12

Hey there and good morning. Yeah I know its been  long, long time since i been here but i would like to say i been busy, bur actually haven’t made the time or had te motivation to write,plus the fact that i hadn’t had anything good to say.

Well looks like Christmas is almost upon us and I am pretty sure that I am 98% done with my shopping. It’s been that way since November :).  I even bought myself a present, which I am typing on as you read. Still getting used to the keyboard and keep hitting the “\” instead of the shift, but I am sure I will get over it eventually.

As for my story I lost my motivation for it 😦 I like parts of it that I have written but other parts I find week and I don’t know hows its going to end (yet). Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage it.

It’s only 630 am. Mu body is still on my weekly wake the fuck up time, and “chainsaw Charlie” beside me woke me up again.  And you wonder why I am so tired some days.

Well I’m off to get more coffee and maybe watch a movie, right after I do a spell check and get rid of the extra “\” that I accidentally entered.

Ciao of now and Hopefully I will be back before Christmas or the new year.






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