Yeah I haven’t written in a while just cause I haven’t had much to say. But I guess now I do.

So my daughter and her BF broke up yesterday and I had the joy of helping move all her stuff from where they lived back to her grandmother place (where she wanted to be I guess). I am not to sure if she decided she wanted to come here, but I do know she didn’t want to live with her mother (I can’t blame her, cause I know I didn’t either LOL). Her mother took in her dog and is determined to train her (I feel bad for the dog as she will bark orders at her, and will definitely be the alpha bitch).

So now I sit here and sip my coffee wondering what else I dare write.

Oh I always find it funny when people say they miss me, and miss talking to me. But as soon as they say that, I don’t hear from them again. So looks like I have to talk to myself. Even if I do talk to my fiance chances are she doesn’t hear me or hears something totally different from what I said 😦  (#stressful).

We’re suppose to go to a dog thing today but right now its raining and there’s a chance of a thunder storm later too (great to watch from inside but don’t want to be in it).

Just waiting for my daughter to get up, call me so I can take her to get her eye brows trimmed and then most likely be sucked into driving her to work (Hopefully the one not near the Ottawa sinkhole.

So I guess if we don’t go to the dog thing I don’t know what we will do today – hopefully something cause I don’t feel like sitting here doing nothing all weekend again.

I guess thats all I have for now and maybe it won’t be as long till my next post as it was from my last. Then again I have no idea if this is even being read.

ciao for now xo




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