Long weekend time

So yeah I haven’t posted posted in a bit cause as I mentioned last time ” If I don’t have anything nice to say, then I shouldn’t say it” So that’s why I been keep in my mouth shut.

I still have a bit of the shingles, but its more of an itch on my left collarbone and a little itch on my neck. so that’s something good 🙂

So yeah I took today off as a vacation day which means a 4 day weekend for me. Turns out now my fiance has plans tonight to go out for supper with her friend and her daughters…no idea what I am going to do yet, I really hope its not another sit at home and do nothing again. I’ll try and get over my anxiety issues and find something to do (hopefully something FUN!)

I should email my mother and see if she has any rhubarb yet. I could make some pies – which means going to the store for pie shells (yeah I don’t make my own lol).

I know I could and should bu some earth for the garden but I think I will leave it up to my fiance to pick the flowers this year. Hey it’s her house too!

Maybe thats enough of a rant this morning and i should go get showered and dressed if I want to do something…wish me luck and chat with you later-gator.